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chin filler vs chin implant – which is better?

Many people think that the main difference between chin augmentation by filler and chin augmentation by implant is simply this: filler is temporary whereas implant is permanent. But it’s not as simple as that. If you are thinking about chin augmentation at all, … Continue reading

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oOoh, that chin!

Having a defined chin gives a well-chiseled look; a V-shaped chin makes one look sweeter. And this is easily achievable by a simple medical procedure. A tiny dose of botox at the mentum (the projection of the chin) relaxes a … Continue reading

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all for a V shape face

It’s no longer the fashion statement to be round or square. What will we do for the ideal V shaped face that everybody craves and strives for? I saw this on the retail shelf recently. Facial products to create a V … Continue reading

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