hello to 2016~

tiffiny yang

Hello, 2016~

Year on year, I hope to stay just the way I am – my new year resolution, every year. 😀

Happy New Year to you too!

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Merry Christmas!

Our clinic had a wee little Christmas lunch get-together. 😉

Christmas lunch at Swissotel Stamford

Christmas lunch at Swissotel Stamford

Added pink flowery clip-ons to my favorite black Louboutins that day.

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang with our clinic manager lynette ng!

Anyway, Merry Christmas and a jolly happy 2016! 🙂

tiffiny yang

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Star Wars premiered this week!

We got a treat from Centurion to the Star Wars premiere on Thursday this week, held at Shaw Theatre premiere hall @ Nex. Yay! 😀

our trip to star wars premiere - the force awakens

our trip to star wars premiere – the force awakens

Jon is an avid fan and knows the names of every species and machinery in Star Wars, but I made sure I also did my homework on my Star Wars the weekend before and revised Episode IV, V and VI. (Actually, I thought Episodes I, II and III were not bad too, despite certain opinion. I suppose it’s an acquired taste.)

At the end of the movie premiere, I was more puzzled than satisfied. 😦

**Spoiler alert!**

So who is Rey? She’s got the Force too, so she must either be Leia’s or Luke’s daughter. Or maybe Obi-Wan’s granddaughter??

What happened to Kylo Ren at the Jedi academy that so resolutely turned him to the dark side? I won’t let my kids watch this episode until they are 13 years old, though. The part where Kylo Ren ended Han Solo freaked me not a little.

Who could possibly take over Emperor Palpatine as Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order?? Some absurd guesses suggest it may be Princess Leia in disguise. I’d faint if it were true — Snoke looked nothing like Princess Leia.

I’m sure every true fan of Star Wars will have watched the premiere by now (maybe twice or thrice) and have formed theories of every sort on what truly happened in the bigger plot. Looking forward to Episode VIII in 2017 for further revelation! And hopefully a few answers… 😀

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my fave Dior scarf~

tiffiny yang

Look trendy with a brightly colored scarf this wintry season! Used an old jewellery ring instead of the usual scarf ring – puts expired fashion items to good use and blings up the look at the same time.

Actually, it’s just raining a lot here in Singapore these days. This small scarf is more than enough to keep warm short of breaking into perspiration. 😀

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Korea Ultra V Threadlift boot camp~

I have been eating, breathing, sleeping Korean Ultra V threadlift techniques in this refresher course on Korean Ultra V Threadlift for the last 48 hours, right here in Sydney Australia! 🙂

Korean Ultra V Threadlift workshop by AAAM

with Dr Rhee Sang June

With Dr Rhee Sang June, a plastic surgeon from South Korea and an experienced master of the Korean Ultra V threadlift techniques!

happy faces at the workshop – with Dr Estee Ang from Sabah and Valerie the conference manager.

Requiring surgery to make your nose tip smaller is now a thing of the past. Did you know that you can use just a few threads to make reduce the width of your nose and sharpen the tip? It’s best combined with filler augmentation for a beautiful small and sharp nose tip. The results are immediately visible and very amazing – almost as good as a tip plasty!

Nose threadlift can also augment the nose bridge beautifully, instead of implant or filler. It gives great definition and straightness to the nose. I love the way nose threadlift enhances the appearance of the nose bridge and may even prefer it to filler augmentation.

Read more about it here: http://www.tiffinyyangclinic.com/non-surgical-nose-threadlift/

Korean Ultra V Threadlift is superb to tighten loose skin over the neck, jowls, nasolabial folds and Marionette lines, so as to achieve skin lifting and less drooping. It makes use of threads with tiny barbs that grab the skin and pull it back – like how we occasionally do to our own faces in the mirror and then wish that it would stay that way. Korean Ultra V threadlifting has been in the market for only a while but the constant upgrading of new techniques is fast making it the future of face lifting – it may very well replace surgical facelift in time to come! 🙂

Korean Ultra V Threadlift

What is the Korea Ultra V Threadlift?

There are two types of barbed threads which are available. These are:

  • Bi-directional threads, with no anchoring points, inserted within a hollow needle and placed in such a manner that the thread cannot move either way because of the two-way direction of barbs fixing it nicely. Examples are seen in many of the cog threads used in Korean Ultra V Threadlift.
  • Uni-directional barbed threads, which are anchored at a higher level fixation point. Examples are the Silhouette Soft® Threadlift.

We offer both options for thread lifting at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery.

There are many types of threads used in Korea Ultra V Threadlift, mainly cog threads and mono threads, but they are all made using polydioxanone (PDO), which is a dissolvable suture material commonly used in other surgical treatments. This material is very safe for use as threadlift as it has a long history of being widely used safely in many surgical and medical indications and, as a material, has hardly ever caused any side effect.

Cog threads are modified for use in threadlift by creating tiny barbs along the threads that act as cogs to grasp, lift and suspend a relaxed facial area. The barbs open like an umbrella to form a support structure that lifts the sagging tissue. These barbs under the skin also tend to gather tissues to fill out and lift the cheeks and sagging skin. Barbs on the thread grab hold of skin tissue. This creates tension in the thread, and the tension lifts the skin tissue. Collagen formation also occurs around the threads and their cogs or barbs, producing an increasing effect over time. This part of the treatment is used for lifting of saggy or droopy skin.

Mono threads are short, simple, smooth threads without barbs or cones that are placed multiply into the face in a mesh-like fashion for an overall skin tightening result. They work very well to reduce wrinkled skin by creating an overall skin tightening that comes after collagen starts forming around the threads 1 month after the treatment procedure. They complement the process of skin lifting that cog threads can give. Used on their own, they tighten the skin without significant lifting, therefore they are often used in combination with cog threads for a overall improvement in face rejuvenation and youth restoration.

The Korea Ultra V Threadlift can last for approximately 1 to 1.5 years, depending on your age, lifestyle, and facial movement patterns. As more collagen is produced over time, the results of the Korea Ultra V Threadlift will also gradually become better and peak at approximately 6-9 months after the procedure. An advantage of the dissolving threads is that additional threads can be inserted at a later date if further lift procedures are required.

Traditional face-lift surgeries are more invasive, and cause more trauma to the skin which requires more recovery time. As the dissolvable thread-lift procedure is less invasive, patients generally see less swelling, and are normally able to return to work and social settings almost immediately. In addition, as the dissolvable thread-lift procedure does not involve any cutting of the skin, only topical or local anesthetic is required. As the procedure is non-invasive, side effects are rare and you may experience some light bruising which will go away in a few days. Depending on the area that lifting is desired, the thread-lift procedure usually takes 30 minutes to an hour.

I also recommend it in combination with Thermage or Ultherapy treatment. 🙂

Looking forward to further improving my patients’ satisfaction for skin tightening and face lifting right after this boot camp. 😉

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

And of course, I must visit the iconic Sydney Opera House, world renowned touristy spot.

tiffiny yang

Can this be the seagull that starred in Finding Nemo??

Can this be the seagull that starred in Finding Nemo??


To find out more on threadlift treatment for skin tightening or face lifting, see here:


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my VS passport cover

Latest find: loving my new Victoria Secret’s passport cover! 😀 It’s all glitter gold and passion pink.

victoria secret passport cover

victoria secret passport inside cover

victoria secret passport cover 2

It’s so handy and functional – it can contain your passport, boarding pass and all your frequent flyer cards, all in one! Makes traveling easy, and adds a touch of glam. 🙂

tiffiny yangHaving beef steak and chocolate truffle ice cream now, thousands of miles up above in the air…

having beef steak miles up in the air!

I’m on my way to Sydney for an update on Korean Ultra V threadlift techniques! Looking forward – keeping up with the best treatments available in the world and giving my utmost best care for my patients! 😉

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lovely trip to HK ~ and a review of Restaurant Petrus

Congratulations to Owen and Ros for their ROM at Shatin Marriage Registry on 7 Oct 2015!

on my way to Owen & Ros's ROM with hubby

on my way to Owen & Ros’s ROM with hubby

Owen & Ros

Owen & Ros got hitched! Congratulations to the happy new couple~

at Shatin Marriage Registry

decked in flashy pink with Rachel, Owen’s sister-in-law

We stayed at the Shangri-la hotel. Kudos to Centurion for a flawless trip!

what a view from the room!

Shangri-la Horizon Club level room view

Shangri-la Horizon Club level room view

tiffiny yang

hot tea, hot towel, basket of fruits and chocolates to welcome us!

hot tea, hot towel, basket of fruits and chocolates to welcome us!

horizon club lounge, with the same breathtaking view of the Hong Kong harbour

Breakfast at Restaurant Petrus was complimentary with our stay – it boasts of a semi buffet with a spread of cereals, pastries, fruits and a choice of hot food from the menu. The restaurant is next to the Horizon Club lounge and so, it shares the same awesome view. So relaxing, to gaze out into the distance from dawn to dusk.

breakfast at Restaurant Petrus: angus beef for breakfast!

breakfast at Restaurant Petrus: angus beef for breakfast; at the side, steamed egg in black truffle sauce with foie gras.

breakfast at Restaurant Petrus: fried egg with lobster

breakfast at Restaurant Petrus: fried egg with lobster

Dinner at Restaurant Petrus too! We heard it is started by Gordon Ramsey and sports a Michelin 2-star. Must try then~ 😉

Bread basket with standard butter and salted seaweed butter

complimentary starter: grilled large prawn

pan seared foie gras with poppy seeds, caramelised mango, crispy pistachio; as with all French cuisine, large plates with a bite sized portion. 😀 HKD 390

blue lobster from Brittany, France – gratinated with coral butter HKD 760

blue lobster from Brittany, France – lobster mousse with green cabbage, caviar, lemongrass bouillon

duck breast with pistachio puree, caramelized mango and organic turnips; the tastes mix very well in combination! HKD 620

tiffiny yang

Thoroughly stuffed our faces with fine food and great views. Back to SG again! Cheers. xoxo, Tiffiny. 😀

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Which is better: Ulthera or Thermage? 超声刀或电波拉皮呢?

We just added skin tightening by Ulthera to our armamentarium of services!

It’s fantastic for creating jawline definition and reducing under chin loose skin. 🙂

before hifu

after hifu

Read more about Ulthera treatment here.

Even better, combine it with Thermage skin tightening for a complete skin tightening facelift which is almost assured of visible improvement and results.

We offer both treatments together because in reality, Thermage and Ulthera targets different modes of skin tightening. Thermage removes the wrinkles in your skin and effects superficial skin tightening. On the other hand, Ulthera solves the problem of saggy or droopy skin by giving a deeper lifting effect. Thermage and Ulthera thus work together, hand in hand to give a holistic 3-dimensional Face Lift by removing wrinkles, lifting saggy skin and generally tightens up what is drooping down.

Thermage is great on its own too, for skin tightening of mild sags and softer face lifting for a slimmer look!

before thermage

after thermage

Read more about Thermage here.

Thermage and Ulthera are general skin tightening devices that help to firm up your aging skin by contraction when new collagen forms after the treatments. Heat from the devices give sufficient stimulation on every inch on your face to effect that tightening effect. Many salons carry knock-off brands that give insufficient heat and therefore no results. The brands Thermage and Ulthera, though, are USA FDA approved, which means they have gone through rigorous clinical trials and testings before receiving that stamp of approval. Therefore, we can be more certain of having results.

To be honest, this is personally my favourite anti-aging treatment that is currently approved in Singapore. Some people may think Thermage or Ulthera treatments give subtle results compared to surgical threadlifts, but in fact they cannot be compared to threadlift. Threadlifts are for specific areas of lifting on the face, yet they do not tighten the skin so the skin may still feel loose when pinched, even if the face looks less droopy after threadlift. Skin tightening treatments like Thermage and Ulthera actually tighten the skin over time, even up to months after treatment, and are the best and most natural mode of true anti-aging treatments, especially if you start young. Once those lines form, fillers and botox are still necessary for correction but once you have done those, skin tightening prevents worsening and reduces your dependency on botox and fillers in time to come.

That must be why Gwenyth Paltrow loves Thermage so much.

You may also consider a combination treatment of Thermage & Ultherapy, albeit costlier, gives you the best benefits of both worlds. If you will like to be assured of a good skin lifting and tightening treatment, this should certainly be one that tops the list! 🙂

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latest feet candy~


My new find at Salvatore Ferragamo! I love the clean cut elegance that is perfect for work and casual dining. 🙂

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it was love at first sight…

Surely this was an impulse buy, but totally worth it – it was pure bliss to tote around~ I simply love the deep red colour and rich velvet feel of this seasonal limited edition! 😀

chanel gift box velvet red chanel flap bagtiffiny yang

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