an apple a day keeps the doc away?

Nah, a smile a day, keeps the blues away! 🙂

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FHM Chinese International (Taiwan) November 2016! 男人帮国际中文版11月2016刊登了!

FHM Chinese International (Taiwan) November 2016 is out on the stands now!


fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

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Ways to use a long Farandole necklace

Let’s see how we can use a long necklace like this to dress up in many ways! Besides the usual loops around your collar. 😉tiffiny yang

You can also use it as a belt! For that, it must be at least 160cm long – mine is only 120cm. 😦

Another way to use a wallet chain and change your look daily:

kelly wallet chain 1
Double up your chain to make a shorter sling on your wallet.

kelly wallet 2Add a twilly around the chain to create a new look and use it like a new purchase! You may even change twillies to vary your look every now and then. 🙂

A long necklace like this is indeed versatile and practical in our everyday dress up! I love to get creative… 🙂

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the latest treatment is in town: PDRN 婴儿针~ :)

Desiring to restore your skin back to baby soft skin? Now there just might be the chance to do so with Korean’s latest micro-cosmetic treatment to regenerate skin and restore the youthful softness of your dull and tired skin.

What is PDRN treatment (also known as 婴儿针)?


Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN 婴儿针) is an ingredient made up of deoxyribonucleotide polymers where 50 to 2000 base pairs are combined in a chain and is known to accelerate cell proliferation, so helping in regeneration of skin and tissue. PDRN 婴儿针 exists in small amount in newly formed tissues. It standardizes the DNA structure into the right size, replacing the damaged and aged skin with young and healthy skin. As a deoxyribonucleotide linear polymer, which is a combination of purine and phosphodiester bonds forming the monometric unit of pyrimidine nucleotides, PDRN 婴儿针 is known to selectively act on the A2 purinergic receptor to help cell growth and neogenesis. It has been used for clinical treatment of orthopaedic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, other forms of chronic tendinosis and certain skin ulcers, with improved wound healing, relief of skin oedema and reduction of pain. In 2008, PDRN 婴儿针 was approved for use in tissue repair and treatment of wound in skin graft by Korean FDA.

Salmons have great amounts of DNA which is very similar to the DNA base composition with humans. PDRN 婴儿针 is the component harvested from salmons to use in cosmetic skin treatment in humans. It is now the cutting edge treatment in Korea for skin rejuvenation and restoration.

How is it administered?

Many brands manufacture this product, including New-DN and Rejuran. There are more than one way to use PDRN 婴儿针 in skin treatments, one of which is to apply it topically after fractionated laser treatment or Infini. It can also be applied with needleless electrophoration to improve absorption into the skin. It can be used on its own for results based on its own merit too.

Indications for PDRN 婴儿针 treatment:

  1. Skin regeneration: skin rejuvenation – improve skin tone, brightness, elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines; reduce and control acne; shrink pores; aid in post treatment recovery; general anti-aging treatment.
  2. Scar treatment including improvement of acne scars and stretch marks.
  3. Scalp care: for hair regrowth or to improve survival rate of hair transplants.

You may also combine with skin boosters (水光针) for instant hydrating and smoothening effect. 2 popular treatments combined into 1 fantastic treat for your skin! 🙂

Read more about it here:婴儿针/

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on body toning by Velashape

Dr Tiffiny Yang undergoes her regular body toning treatment with Velashape at her clinic!


tiffiny yang doing Velashape tiffiny yang doing Velashape

Will do so without fail!! Have been at it every week for 2 months before the FHM magazine photoshoot and still ain’t gonna let up now. 🙂 This treatment is so great for skin toning on my belly and for cellulite reduction on my thighs especially after 2 pregnancies…


For those who require some fat loss before toning up, our clinic also offers Liposonix to save the day!

Find out more on Velashape here:

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my tribute to Jon

It’s our wedding anniversary today… 7  years since we tied the knot! We have been really busy the past years and missed celebrating a few anniversaries in the past years, but this year, we decided we should make an effort to.


jonathan & tiffiny yang

Jon got his Centurion concierge to book at a 1-Michelin star restaurant, Cut by Wolfgang Puck. Good food, great company – my favourite pasttime.

当然是要去吃好的啦!美食配美酒 -太过瘾了。

jap wagyu beef & foie gras

Foie gras, Japanese wagyu beef, mushrooms and corn with onion… too rich and too oily. 😀

鹅肝,和牛排… 太油腻了。

Alaskan lava

This is their most popular dessert – apparently you must book 3 days in advance. Coconut cake with coconut & pandan ice cream covered with baked meringue. Wow, the first taste was awesome! 5 stars for this cleverly concocted sweet!


tiffiny yang


Finally, a few words to my darling hubby Jonathan Yang – the name that inspired Tiffiny Yang. He has been my pillar of support and anchor of stability through all these years. He came into my life and completely changed it, groomed and nurtured me to be all that I am today. He is the sole mastermind of my career success and motivation of all the best that I can be. People hardly see the cleverness of Zhuge Liang behind the glorious Liu Bei so they cannot appreciate what he does, but I know that without him, the war is lost. I am the lucky girl. Men, your wives are what you want them to become – treat them dearly and let them bloom under your devout care.



“He stole her heart, so she stole his last name.”

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FHM Chinese International photoshoot 为男人帮国际中文版杂志拍摄!

After 2 weeks of mental preparation, calorie restriction 😀 😀 😀 and detailed discussion with the FHM editorial team…


The suspense will be broken in November 2016 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia!


Kudos to the FHM photoshoot / editorial team! They were all so professional and expert in capturing the right picture and pose – have seen my fair share of shoots but yet am still certainly impressed! 🙂


After a hard day’s work and 2 weeks of strict calorie restriction, it is time to eat and eat! 😀 This is Taiwan’s famous mango ice – certainly a must try!!!


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On my way to Taiwan for FHM photoshoot~

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yacht event with vacheron constantin

When life gets a little mundane, get out to breathe some salty sea air~

tiffiny yang & hubby at yacht party by vacheron constantin

Great start to a relaxing time: grab a champagne!

tiffiny yang & hubby

vacheron constantin

What we came to admire: the Overseas collection by Vacheron Constantin. I thought the diamond studded ladies’ watch was cute. Jon mused at the Overseas perpetual calendar in white gold – a whooping SGD 140,000.

They say Vacheron Constantin is one of the holy trio of watch brands including Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre, so certainly worth the second look, but the resale value is not as high. (Too bad I ain’t too much of a watch connoisseur either!)

My only gripe: like all French cocktail parties, there were only canapes and small bites. Left me as hungry as a bear at disembarking. 😦

luggage tag with my initials!

Door gift: genuine leather luggage tag with my initials! Made and personalised by Mont Blanc for every guest present. Awesome. 😀

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