What I do… and do not do.

So, what is medical aesthetics? Many people are completely muddled about what this term means. Is it fake like plastic surgery? Is it just a fad? Is it safe and approved practice by the authorities?

In a nutshell, here’s what this is about.

It’s not a spa or a beauty parlour.

Nope, I’m not a beautician. And aesthetic doctors (in Singapore, at least) all went through formal training in medical school to do what they do. The procedures and treatments are considered medical, and therefore require qualified hands to carry out. In the recent years, authorities have also been increasing the barriers to entry for practice– which means more and more credentialling necessary for all who seek the art.

Still natural.

Please don’t think for a minute that it means I use herbal products or natural medicine for my treatments! I say this because as far as my practice goes, I do only what involves needles and physical energy like light, radiofrequency, ultrasound and temperature. They are all minimally invasive (which translates into minimal pain, minimal scarring and minimal downtime). They offer improvements that will never give you an Angelababy but will make people ask you, “Hey, you’re looking great! What did you do?”

Yup, the augmentations done in my clinic look superbly natural.

And before you know it, the Botox wears off or the filler or thread is absorbed and hey presto! You’re still all natural. Who knows whether you still have that Botox or that filler or perhaps it’s all gone? It could very well be your own. You never did plastic surgery. 🙂

So in other words, it’s not nip and tuck– I don’t make plastic babes (or hunks). But hey, how many of you want to go to those lengths unless you own a thriving blog? The truth is, most of us just need a nick here and a tweak there to upkeep ourselves and look ageless, whilst still looking perfectly yourself.

Ethical practice… definitely.

That’s the mantra of my practice.

Most regrettably, there are some mercenary practitioners out there who are in this for the quick buck and tend to sell more than what their clients truly need or what they believe will work. Hey, every profession has its own black sheep.

As for me, the recommendations I offer are as far as what my clients need, as objectively assessed– nothing more, nothing less. I do not promise the sky, I say it for what it is but there is one thing I dare guarantee: that I will do the best that my hand and syringe can weld.

At Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery, we offer all the top quality medical aesthetic treatments you need, but what do we really want to give to you? A newfound confidence in you. 🙂


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