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Laugh away your laugh lines…

Laugh lines, as the name suggests, are the lines that form around your mouth when you laugh or smile. They run from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth– also known as nasolabial folds. When you … Continue reading

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what would you like to have for lunch? a nose job!

A higher nose does a great deal of magic on your face. It gives depth to your features and improves your angles. Asians tend to have lower and flatter nose bridges and therefore stand to benefit very much from simple nose fillers. (Probably why … Continue reading

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prevention– always better than cure

Ever compared someone’s photo from 10 years ago and wondered at the difference? Our faces are really a dynamic and complicated structure. It undergoes constant change throughout the years (usually of aging) and develops variations from decade to decade. These minute changes can make significant differences over a long time. Facial … Continue reading

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All for those Jolie lips

Really love Angelina’s lips! One of those things she’s famous for… Lips are really very delicate structures. Because they don’t produce their own protective sebum, without proper care, they easily become dry and chapped and shriveled. Well, a few tips on basic lip care: 1. Make sure they’re … Continue reading

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ladies only

There’s one thing that really increases a woman’s confidence dramatically– a fuller bosom. However, not everyone (female or male) can accept plastic surgery for breast implants. There is some stigma to having “fake boobs” for a girl. Is there, then, a better solution? … Continue reading

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Cherubic or Chipmunk facies?

Isn’t this child cute & lovely! All that baby fat… makes the cheeks so soft and kissable. 😀 But, as adults, we certainly don’t need that baby fat anymore! So what if our faces retained it, making it look round and chubby? Or what if we … Continue reading

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for a slimmer face

Does your face shape look like this? Our faces come in all shapes and sizes. Amongst them, square faces are quite common. In Oriental girls, they are not aesthetically most desirable (although it may be a different story for the men … Continue reading

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For a fresher breath of air~

I’ve been doing a lot of fillers this week– and nose fillers are amongst my favourite. Perhaps I’ve been doing too many of them and thus, I’m developing quite a knack for it, but I think I do a pretty good job … Continue reading

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