on animal stem cells and animal placenta…

I seriously don’t understand the current trend with animal stem cells and animal placental extract these days, derived from sheep to deer to rabbits. These products claim to carry stem cells and placental extracts from these strange and foreign creatures.

Do they really work? Those derived from human placenta may indeed have some efficacy, since the genetic makeup is similar. Yet, even organ donors require HLA matching tests, so can the genetic makeup be that similar in sheep or deer or rabbit?

How do they work – by assimilating into our bodies? I certainly do not hope to become part sheep, part deer or part rabbit, not to mention I may get a bad immune reaction to these foreign cells if they enter my body.

How about zoonotic diseases (for injectable placental or stem cells) or prion disease (which may also be transmitted by ingestion)? These products are over the counter, which means they are not rigorously tested by HSA in any way, so how can anyone be sure they are organic matter that is safe for oral consumption or injection? Consumption is not as bad as injection, since it will be just like eating mutton or venison or exotic meats. Even in blood transfusions among humans, we are worried about blood borne diseases – how much more intimate transfusions from animals whom we are not sure where they have gone or what they have eaten (to say the least)?

If these cells are indeed able to assimilate into the body and grow on their own, aren’t we then worried about unwanted growths and tumours that may spread to other areas of the body we do not want them to go, like a cancer?

Perhaps they work by the chemicals that these cells secrete, which is what “extract” usually means, so it is like any other processed drug. That is very much acceptable, but animal whole cells and live cells is a bad idea, especially injected ones!


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