my tribute to Jon

It’s our wedding anniversary today… 7  years since we tied the knot! We have been really busy the past years and missed celebrating a few anniversaries in the past years, but this year, we decided we should make an effort to.


jonathan & tiffiny yang

Jon got his Centurion concierge to book at a 1-Michelin star restaurant, Cut by Wolfgang Puck. Good food, great company – my favourite pasttime.

当然是要去吃好的啦!美食配美酒 -太过瘾了。

jap wagyu beef & foie gras

Foie gras, Japanese wagyu beef, mushrooms and corn with onion… too rich and too oily. 😀

鹅肝,和牛排… 太油腻了。

Alaskan lava

This is their most popular dessert – apparently you must book 3 days in advance. Coconut cake with coconut & pandan ice cream covered with baked meringue. Wow, the first taste was awesome! 5 stars for this cleverly concocted sweet!


tiffiny yang


Finally, a few words to my darling hubby Jonathan Yang – the name that inspired Tiffiny Yang. He has been my pillar of support and anchor of stability through all these years. He came into my life and completely changed it, groomed and nurtured me to be all that I am today. He is the sole mastermind of my career success and motivation of all the best that I can be. People hardly see the cleverness of Zhuge Liang behind the glorious Liu Bei so they cannot appreciate what he does, but I know that without him, the war is lost. I am the lucky girl. Men, your wives are what you want them to become – treat them dearly and let them bloom under your devout care.



“He stole her heart, so she stole his last name.”


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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