yacht event with vacheron constantin

When life gets a little mundane, get out to breathe some salty sea air~

tiffiny yang & hubby at yacht party by vacheron constantin

Great start to a relaxing time: grab a champagne!

tiffiny yang & hubby

vacheron constantin

What we came to admire: the Overseas collection by Vacheron Constantin. I thought the diamond studded ladies’ watch was cute. Jon mused at the Overseas perpetual calendar in white gold – a whooping SGD 140,000.

They say Vacheron Constantin is one of the holy trio of watch brands including Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre, so certainly worth the second look, but the resale value is not as high. (Too bad I ain’t too much of a watch connoisseur either!)

My only gripe: like all French cocktail parties, there were only canapes and small bites. Left me as hungry as a bear at disembarking. 😦

luggage tag with my initials!

Door gift: genuine leather luggage tag with my initials! Made and personalised by Mont Blanc for every guest present. Awesome. 😀


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