Birkin lady or Kelly babe?

I have long observed my clientele toting their legendary Birkins and equally elusive Kellys to draw a certain conclusion: you are either a Birkin type of lady or a Kelly type of babe; there is seldom much overlap.

Insofar as I have noted of my patient populace, a lady who carries the charming Birkin almost always seem to carry only Birkins during her visits and the babe who slings the pretty Kelly almost always bring only Kellys whenever we meet. Perhaps they have one (or a few) of the sister bag sitting well-preserved in their walk-in wardrobe back home, but the default preference is always to bring the type that she has a penchant for.

According to what I have researched (by reading online, really), the Birkin was created to be an elegant weekend bag, great for its convenience and ease of use, while at the same time looking fine and classy. The Kelly is supposedly suitable for business luncheons, formal meetings and events, giving a flair of sophistication and an awfully polished look. Both are equally painful to obtain from the actual Hermes store, which has consequently created a cult following of the high and mighty Birkin/Kelly bags.

So I have been wondering: what makes one a Birkin lady or a Kelly babe?

It is possible that those who prefer the Birkin tend to be more mature, experienced with the ways of the world, enjoy the practical and the tasteful at the same time. And those who lean towards the Kelly may tend to be more girly, perhaps even princessy, and prioritise elegance and a pristine image above convenience or practicality. This is an observation, at least, in my local context.

the birkin

That’s not to say, of course, that the Birkin lady cannot also occasionally be a Kelly babe and vice versa. You may observe that even if the Birkin lady happens to use a Kelly, she wears it like a Birkin. Nonetheless, there are hordes of people who own hordes of both and do not care less which they use – this post is not to decide that for you.

No question what type I probably am. 🙂

tiffiny yang

Nontheless, I occasionally enjoy a little variety.

tiffiny yang

Is it blue or is it green?

For everyone who actually comprehend what I am writing here, to add to the frivolity of this chatter…

the himalayan blanc croc birkin

THE himalayan blanc croc birkin… isn’t this the dream??? 😀


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