review on Hakkasan Hanway Place, London

Hakkasan is a Michelin star award winning restaurant offering Cantonese cuisine, with the brand initially debuting as an upscale, modern Chinese restaurant in the West End of London, England, at Hanway Place. We decided to visit when we were in London, June 2016!

hakkasan sign

hakkasan hanway place

entrance to hakkasan restaurant

all the receptionists wore the same matt blue dress.

all the receptionists wore the same matt blue dress, whereas all the waitresses wore the same matt red dress.

hakkasan hanway place

we were sitting right here!

The maitre’d was very friendly, even took note of the special requests we placed in when Centurion called to reserve a place for us. ^_^”’

jonathan yang

Being our first time, we tried the signature menu which serves most of their famous dishes. I must say the signature dishes are worthy of their reputation indeed.

Please read the captions to know what the dishes are!

salt and pepper squid

Rather common appetiser but yummy nonetheless.

the famous dim sum platter: har hau, scallop siew mai, Chinese chive dumpling, duck and yam bean dumpling

Their famous dim sum platter! However, I found it to be only so-so. I think the dim sum you can find in Hong Kong is definitely more interesting.

Roast chicken in satay sauce

spicy prawn with lily bulb and almond… it is essentially curry prawn, but very non spicy to suit the local taste.

Both of the above: five star in taste and presentation too! I will rate these 2 dishes my top favourites that night, possibly because they are more akin to Nanyang dishes that remind me of home. Others may beg to differ if they come from other cultures. 😀

pan fried silver cod

stir fry black pepper rib eye beef with merlot; this is a popular dish in Chinese restaurants nowadays.

There are food trends that waxes and wanes. This style of stir fry black pepper beef (with the rice cone) is trending in Hong Kong too, right now. This is currently one of my favourites — I need to consume more beef to replenish my iron stores after my pregnancies. 😀


Of course, standard seasonal vegetables and my son’s favourite egg fried rice. We also added the truffle caviar home made jade tofu, with morel, bamboo pith and ginkgo nut… but it wasn’t that yummy and we regretted this choice.

I’m also rather surprised how easy it was to find egg fried rice in London – it was available almost everywhere. 😀


Desserts to finish the meal: bitter chocolate cake with raspberry ice cream & lemon meringue with vanilla ice cream! Exquisite taste and maximum freshness. Six star!! Sweet finish to an enjoyable dinner.

tiffiny yangMy advice: stick to the signature recommendations and you can’t go wrong.


xoxo, Tiffiny





By the way, Singapore just launched the Michelin guide for local restaurants! The only 3 star restaurant: Joel Robuchon, French contemporary cuisine. Gotta try it soon! 😀


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