what we did in Tokyo, Japan~

We had a short company retreat to Tokyo, Japan again this year. Weather was cool and nice in January, not much rainfall.

Minami brought us to (notably) one of the best sushi restaurants located at Shibuya in Tokyo: Sushi Zanmai. The owner of this restaurant chain is famous for personally picking out the freshest ingredients from the fish market – it is a skill and an art that decides whether the restaurant can serve the best sushi dishes. I had never been as adventurous with raw food as I was this time. LOL.

tiffiny yang at sushi zanmai, with hubby and Minami

Minami Akihiro.jpg

handsome pic of Minami and awesome selection of yummy sushi

Besides walking the streets of Shibuya and enjoying the local cuisines, we visited an onsen at Gotemba, located next to Mount Fuji, courtesy of our dear friend and mentor, Dr. Akihiro Minami. Two thumbs up for his wonderful hospitality! 🙂 Don’t ask me how we got there – we switched 3 trains and took a bus; I wouldn’t remember how to repeat the journey even if I visited again on my own.

tiffiny yang with company

Trekking between onsen and nearest restaurant in Gotemba. Lynette was so happy to see snow for the first time in her life!

at Mt Fuji with lynette, ericia & minami!

enjoying ourselves in the onsen!

enjoying ourselves in the onsen!

What I cannot get over is – we had to get in stark naked in front of everyone! What larks. Of course, it was split into male and female baths. Those who visited the female bath that day were mostly obaasan though. Nonetheless, we had a fantastic view of Mount Fuji while relaxing in the indoors onsen. The water was too hot for me – I could only tolerate 10 minutes of it before running for cover. The advisory states that one shouldn’t be soaking for more than 20 minutes each time too.

This is the view we had from our indoors onsen. Yummy sight for a relaxing time.

This is the view we had from our indoors onsen. Yummy sight for a relaxing time.

chilling out after a bath

chilling out after a bath

They allow you to chill out in this room after you have had enough onsen – you can actually take a nap here until your time is up. Minami napped until we almost missed the last bus back. 😀

We ate ramen at Ichiran – according to Lynette, the best ramen in Tokyo. 😀 It was very yummy indeed, but the dinner queue is long and you ate in solitude in single cubicles, which was strange… ><

We hope to go London or New Zealand next year, God willing! Looking forward to the next one indeed. 🙂


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