Star Wars premiered this week!

We got a treat from Centurion to the Star Wars premiere on Thursday this week, held at Shaw Theatre premiere hall @ Nex. Yay! 😀

our trip to star wars premiere - the force awakens

our trip to star wars premiere – the force awakens

Jon is an avid fan and knows the names of every species and machinery in Star Wars, but I made sure I also did my homework on my Star Wars the weekend before and revised Episode IV, V and VI. (Actually, I thought Episodes I, II and III were not bad too, despite certain opinion. I suppose it’s an acquired taste.)

At the end of the movie premiere, I was more puzzled than satisfied. 😦

**Spoiler alert!**

So who is Rey? She’s got the Force too, so she must either be Leia’s or Luke’s daughter. Or maybe Obi-Wan’s granddaughter??

What happened to Kylo Ren at the Jedi academy that so resolutely turned him to the dark side? I won’t let my kids watch this episode until they are 13 years old, though. The part where Kylo Ren ended Han Solo freaked me not a little.

Who could possibly take over Emperor Palpatine as Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order?? Some absurd guesses suggest it may be Princess Leia in disguise. I’d faint if it were true — Snoke looked nothing like Princess Leia.

I’m sure every true fan of Star Wars will have watched the premiere by now (maybe twice or thrice) and have formed theories of every sort on what truly happened in the bigger plot. Looking forward to Episode VIII in 2017 for further revelation! And hopefully a few answers… 😀


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