Which is better: Ulthera or Thermage? 超声刀或电波拉皮呢?

We just added skin tightening by Ulthera to our armamentarium of services!

It’s fantastic for creating jawline definition and reducing under chin loose skin. 🙂

before hifu

after hifu

Read more about Ulthera treatment here.

Even better, combine it with Thermage skin tightening for a complete skin tightening facelift which is almost assured of visible improvement and results.

We offer both treatments together because in reality, Thermage and Ulthera targets different modes of skin tightening. Thermage removes the wrinkles in your skin and effects superficial skin tightening. On the other hand, Ulthera solves the problem of saggy or droopy skin by giving a deeper lifting effect. Thermage and Ulthera thus work together, hand in hand to give a holistic 3-dimensional Face Lift by removing wrinkles, lifting saggy skin and generally tightens up what is drooping down.

Thermage is great on its own too, for skin tightening of mild sags and softer face lifting for a slimmer look!

before thermage

after thermage

Read more about Thermage here.

Thermage and Ulthera are general skin tightening devices that help to firm up your aging skin by contraction when new collagen forms after the treatments. Heat from the devices give sufficient stimulation on every inch on your face to effect that tightening effect. Many salons carry knock-off brands that give insufficient heat and therefore no results. The brands Thermage and Ulthera, though, are USA FDA approved, which means they have gone through rigorous clinical trials and testings before receiving that stamp of approval. Therefore, we can be more certain of having results.

To be honest, this is personally my favourite anti-aging treatment that is currently approved in Singapore. Some people may think Thermage or Ulthera treatments give subtle results compared to surgical threadlifts, but in fact they cannot be compared to threadlift. Threadlifts are for specific areas of lifting on the face, yet they do not tighten the skin so the skin may still feel loose when pinched, even if the face looks less droopy after threadlift. Skin tightening treatments like Thermage and Ulthera actually tighten the skin over time, even up to months after treatment, and are the best and most natural mode of true anti-aging treatments, especially if you start young. Once those lines form, fillers and botox are still necessary for correction but once you have done those, skin tightening prevents worsening and reduces your dependency on botox and fillers in time to come.

That must be why Gwenyth Paltrow loves Thermage so much.

You may also consider a combination treatment of Thermage & Ultherapy, albeit costlier, gives you the best benefits of both worlds. If you will like to be assured of a good skin lifting and tightening treatment, this should certainly be one that tops the list! 🙂


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