International buffet lunch @ the new Westin ~

We had our quarterly clinic lunch get-out at the swanky new Westin hotel today. It’s an international spread 32 storeys up with a spectacular view of the bay. 🙂 This eat-out is called Seasonal Tastes.


Only a few of us present today, so we can be real up, close and personal! 😉

View from Westin

The view is breath-taking indeed! Save for the rather messy construction works ongoing next-door. 😀

Jane, Lynette

The 2 very lovely ladies in our company… 😀


Jon & Tiffy

Selfies rule!!

Aramak. I was so engrossed with the view that I didn’t cam-whore the spread of food! I only knew that I helped myself to an endless flow of salmon sashimi + wasabi/soy sauce. Hee hee. I think I should take a dose of albendazole after this binge of sashimi. There was also other seafood, local delights +++, pasta, desserts and (of course) chocolate fondue. Great place to go for a business lunch meeting, esp if you are a Starwood Preferred Guest cos you get 25% discount. 😉

tiffiny yang

I love my Christian Louboutins!!!!!!!! Missed them so much when I was preggie. ~>.<~ Glad I can twinkle-toes around in them once again! 😀 😀 😀


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