Thermage is for face slimming too!

Pregnancy made my skin sag!! Esp after losing all that weight (20kg of baby, water and fat, no joke!)… I had to do something about it… so I used my own Thermage 2 weeks ago~ 😀

Didn’t even use numbing cream but I set it lower. Usually I would recommend numbing cream for all my clients. 😀 Anyway, I made a few more passes to make up for the lower settings. It should work just as well. Went through the procedure without much hassle! 🙂

tiffiny yangI surprised myself – my face looked slimmer in the next few days… 🙂 My hubby commented I look prettier. (Yippee!)

Analysis of the day:

When the skin sags, it droops down by gravity and makes the face look boxier or bottom heavy. That’s how skin tightening can help to slim the face – by restoring the skin back to its original place. 😀

Will wait for further improvement in the next few months too! 😉


4 Nov 2015: An update on my favorite Thermage treatment

I loved the look after my virgin Thermage treatment, so I had to do it another time last week at a higher intensity. This time, I applied numbing and did my neck to reduce neck lines too!

Couldn’t feel anything after the numbing cream, which was great. The result is just as amazing. My face looked nicer and slimmer, somehow. Even my hubby complimented that my features seem more defined and he didn’t know I had the treatment done last week! Kudos to Thermage for a fantastic anti-aging device!



What is Thermage?

Thermage is a safe, non-invasive procedure that is clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance. The treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no downtime – on all skin colours, on and off the face, all in a single procedure. Since there is no surgery involved you can generally return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. It has been approved by the FDA since 2002 and available only in the doctor’s office.

How does it work?

A smooth flat tip delivers Thermage’s unique radiofrequency (RF) technology, which safely heats the deep collagen-rich layers of the skin. This heat helps to tighten existing collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen over time, which reverses sagging, renews contours and improves the texture of your skin.

Each treatment takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour for the face. Only a single treatment is usually sufficient to deliver results.

Who performs the procedure?

Only physicians are trained to use the Thermage effectively for best outcome with minimal side effects.

Which areas of the body can you use Thermage for?

It can be used safely and effectively on the face, eyes, abdomen, arms and thighs. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

What results can I expect?

Wrinkled, crepey or saggy skin can appear smoother; bulging skin can be tighter and firmer. The eyes may look bigger and brighter with less hooding.

Immediate result is usually visible and improve over time as the body rebuilds natural collagen. In most patients, measurable tightening and contouring gradually appears in 2 to 6 months following a single treatment session. Results can last for 1-2 years depending on your skin condition and the process of aging.

Results do vary depending on age and skin condition.

Is there any downtime?

There is no special care required and most patients can return to their regular activities immediately after the treatment session.

Does it hurt?

Each time the treatment tip is applied, there will first be a brief cooling sensation, followed by a brief heating sensation and finally by another cooling sensation. The heating sensation is a sign that the deep layers of the skin are reaching effective temperatures for tightening, whereas the cooling sensation protects the topmost layer of the skin so it prevents blisters. You may feedback to your treating physician on the level of heat to help maximize your comfort while maximizing results.

Thermage has an excellent safety record. Side effects are few and may include redness, swelling, blisters.

Can I get a Thermage treatment in place of a facelift?

Thermage can definitely tighten loose skin but it cannot give the dramatic results of a surgical facelift. If you are looking for a modest improvement without the trauma of surgery, then Thermage is right for you.

Can I get a Thermage procedure if I’ve already had other procedures?

Thermage is compatible with most other cosmetic procedures and in fact, may complement some procedures such as botox for wrinkles, threadlift and skin resurfacing laser treatments.


You may read more on Thermage at

Where to find this amazing treatment:


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4 Responses to Thermage is for face slimming too!

  1. ToryBri says:

    Oh My Gosh you look fantastic. You’ve always looked very young and pretty but seriously you look just as young (or maybe younger) than you did from posts a few years ago. You are a real inspiration.

  2. chubbybunny says:

    doctor so pretty 😀 and much prettier in real life *_*

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