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Many people have a misconception of what cheek filler augmentation can do for them. They think that filling up the cheeks make the cheekbones wider or make them look fatter, which is absolutely not true!

With the process of aging, especially in slim Asian / Oriental women, the first part of the face to lose the volume of youth is often on the cheeks, particularly medially (i.e. the part of cheeks right next to the nose bridge). You don’t notice it at first, but when the skin starts to droop due to disappearance of the apples of the cheeks, jowling starts and laugh lines form — that’s when it becomes noticeable that age is catching up with you.

radiesse brochure

“In a young face, the widest part is at the cheeks but as we age, the cheeks deflate and excess skin falls toward the jawline. . . That makes the triangle flip upside down so that the widest part of the face is now at the jawline.” says dermatologist Dr Marina I Peredo, of the Spatique Medical Spa, New York.

So what shall we do to save face?

A simple cheek filler augmentation procedure is usually good enough to fight off the initial signs of such aging. 1-2cc of a suitable volumising filler is typically sufficient in a younger person. If you have waited too long, you may need up to 3 or 4cc of similar filler to make a good correction. Small measures done early prevent the need for more radical corrective surgery later on, which probably carries greater risk and downtime. I’ll recommend Radiesse or Juvederm Voluma for this purpose.

So seek out your friendly aesthetics doctor today for reshaping and restoring your cheeks, to fight off the signs of age! 🙂

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