chin filler vs chin implant – which is better?

Many people think that the main difference between chin augmentation by filler and chin augmentation by implant is simply this: filler is temporary whereas implant is permanent.

But it’s not as simple as that.

If you are thinking about chin augmentation at all, the most important consideration is, of course – you want you to look better. So which is better – filler or implant?

These are 2 pictures after chin augmentation, one by filler and the other by implant.

chin filler chin implant

Can you tell which is the one by filler augmentation?

It’s the one on the left side, which looks pointier and more feminine.

Indeed, filler augmentation for the chin tends to create a sweeter looking chin than an implant is able to. Chin implants tend to look bulkier and (so it seems to be) more difficult in achieving a sweet V face. Sometimes, in order to achieve the right chin length, the implant chosen may be oversized and create a heavy-looking chin or leave a deep mental crease. Frankly, I hardly see an implant that has been able to achieve the right effect most Asian girls want in chin augmentation. The right chin shape is easier to achieve with filler augmentation. Disclaimer: for guys or females of bigger builds, this observation does not apply. 🙂

So if you are considering chin augmentation, do consult with your aesthetics doctor to see which is a more suitable option. Permanence of result should not be the only consideration in your choice. The only good end point is seeing the right look you want to see in your dressing mirror!


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