In South Korea once again!

Busy week with seminars and workshops — we’re constantly striving to improve and serve you better!

Was in Incheon, South Korea, last weekend with Dr Lee Young-Seob on the use of Dysport for dermal skin lifting. This is a very interesting off-label use to effect skin tightening without surgery.

Dr Tiffiny Yang at 2010 Plastic Surgery Clinic

This is one of our subjects for the workshop. Well, she’s not exactly the best example because she’s pretty young (really pretty and young), so her skin is still very tight and lifted. But can you tell which side has been treated and tighter?

dermal lift subject

If you guessed it to be the right side of the picture (patient’s left hand), you are right!

Dysport is a better choice for this treatment because its diffusion and effect on skin contraction is better and more predictable.

Tiffiny & Jonathan Yang

My hubby came with me too~ Handsome man~

Also had too much Korean BBQ and ginseng chicken and kimchi…

Also had a workshop last week on the use of Macrolane as body filler for the chest and buttocks. Dr Per Heden was present to share his techniques on how to create a masculine beefy chest as well as perky butts.

Dr Tiffiny Yang at Macrolane workshop

For those agonizing over not looking so great on the behind, buttock augmentation is something to consider as a safe procedure with low downtime. 🙂 Possible side effects:

  1. You may require cushioned seats for a few days after;
  2. You may start to spend too much on pretty skirts and dresses. Just kidding. 😀

That’s all, folks!


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