the formula to great and healthy skin

Many people ask me how I keep my skin so great. Well, I’ve also been thinking over this question and analyzing my personal skincare regime to deduce what is the best formula to keep skin looking flawless.

My skincare routine is actually quite simple and without frills: cleanse, moisturize and sunblock daily. On top of that, I have my usual laser treatment every month in my clinic as maintenance to battle pigmentation. I hardly ever go for facials. If I have the occasional blackheads that I so hate, I ask my lovely therapist to help me out with them every once in a while. If I get acne once in a while, I institute the appropriate treatment into my usual routine until it clears.

On top of that, I don’t smoke, love my greens and get my beauty sleep. I am a little deficient in my daily fluid intake — I’m working on that.

I guess at the end of it, the formula is this:



Simple, but true. The skin is a biologically sensitive organ that heals and regenerates well if you supply it with a lot of antioxidants, but degenerates and dies with the lack thereof.

How, then, to increase antioxidants to the skin?

1. As mentioned above, I love my greens. Get your diet balanced with lots of natural fruits and veggies; supplement if necessary. I occasionally take some collagen supplements when I feel like it.

You can also decrease the exposure of oxidants to the skin.

2. I use my sunblock (broad spectrum SPF 50++) daily — ultraviolet rays generate a lot of free radicals on the skin.

3. Don’t smoke — smoking creates a lot of free radicals that overwhelm and is sure to cause aging earlier.

How about hydration? As I also mentioned doing in my skincare routine, moisturizing daily and sufficient fluids daily is an indispensable part of keeping your skin healthy.

Having great skin isn’t rocket science. It is a habit you form early and your rewards will surely come with time. 🙂


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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