the scaffolding threadlift

There are a few types of threadlift available in medical aesthetics today.

A well known type is the suspension thread lift, which is a more invasive threadlift technique that requires incision with a knife to lift the skin and muscle with sutures underneath. It doesn’t increase skin renewal of collagen and requires sedation, with longer downtime and much more swelling and bruising.

And then there is also the gold threadlift, which technique is to implant threads of almost pure gold just underneath the skin to provide stimulation of collagen renewal and improve skin tone over 1 year. The disadvantages: it is permanent (risks are always higher with irreversible treatments) and it is expensive (it is pure gold, after all). And you probably can’t undergo magnetic resonance imaging forever.

Recently, a popular threadlift technique has surfaced, known as the scaffolding (or Powercell) threadlift. It makes use of polydioxane (PDO) threads, a synthetic absorbable monofilament that disappears after 6 to 8 months. It is a super safe and harmless material. As the name of the technique suggests, PDO threads are embedded in the skin as a scaffold and induce a minimal granulation reaction deep to the skin to produce new collagen in an infrastructure that supports and tightens the skin. This biostimulation reaction improves fine lines, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

scaffold pdo thread

The best thing about it: zero downtime. There is very little pain, swelling, bruising or needle marks. Patients can apply makeup soon right after the procedure and return to their normal activities almost immediately. It is also very safe and has very few contraindications (i.e. almost everyone are suitable for it). Young people can do it as prevention, old people can do it as cure. The effect is also not immediate and may begin to show after 1 to 2 months; it also continues to improve the skin over 1 year.

Generally, a few sessions of repeat treatments give far better improvement than one single session alone. Results are even better when combined with botox and filler injections.

It may not be suitable if you’re looking for a dramatic change in the look of saggy skin, but for the low cost and downtime, it is a wonderful option as a skin rejuvenation treatment with progressive improvement over time.


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