Lots of fun at San Francisco~

We visited San Francisco for a couple of days after Tucson. Lovely city, with very steep sidewalks and vintage looking trams on the roads. 😀

SF trams

You can take one of these to Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular tourist attraction in San Franc.

Fisherman's Wharf

If you visit, you must go to Pier 39! It’s the most interesting pier of Fisherman’s Wharf, with colorful shops and yummy seafood restaurants such as one by the Simmons’ Family.

dining at Pier 39

sea lions @ Pier 39

There was an entire brood of sea lions roosting off Pier 39. Super smelly, but what a sight! We watched two male lions wrestle each other for control of a raft. One of them successfully kept the entire raft clear of other lions for himself. How primitive. 😛

Red & White Fleet ferry

You can take a ferry ride out to see 2 other famous points of interest in San Franc! We took the Red & White Fleet ferry such as the one in this picture. Had a different point of view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the scaryyy Alcatraz. 😉

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


tiffiny yang

That’s it for the touristy bits of San Franc! Now for the city!

We had dinner at Burger Bar, Macy’s. Sat next to a window overlooking Union Square. Fantabulous view!

Union Square, San Francisco

There’s even a Nespresso cafe at Union Square. Had a cuppa there with my hubby to chillax.

Nespresso cafe

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang

My gift from hubby for accompanying him on his business trip! Chanel No. 5 gift set which includes the shower gel, body lotion and perfume~ It is great– using the same scented shower gel and body lotion ensures that the fragrance of the perfume does not change due to mixing with fragrances of other products. 😉

Chanel No 5 gift set

Chanel No. 5 gift setThat’s all folks~ Back in Singapore, back to life as I know it.

Love, Tiffiny Yang

tiffiny yang


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