American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

AAAM course

Started my journey with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine last weekend. It was the beginning of 3 levels to attain board certification in aesthetics medicine.

It was more like, a revision of knowledge for me, since I’ve already been in practice for many years! Nonetheless, you always learn new things in the old… (温故知新!)
tiffiny yang with nice old lady

This is the nice old lady who volunteered to be one of our patients that day. Incidentally, she’s from Serbia.

We went through chemical peels, lasers, botox and fillers. I most enjoyed the hands on part where we walked the talk on volunteers. At the end of it, I learnt this: how much I truly enjoy my work! Felt I have a great deep affinity with the practice of aesthetic medicine. It’s an art to be mastered by those who have the heart and the eye (and the hands) for it. 😉

tiffiny yang getting her certificate!

Got my certificate at the end of Level 1. Onwards to Level 2 next year! Took a photo with the trainer, Dr Thomas Berger. Can’t believe I got him to pose too. 😛tiffiny yang with dr thomas berger, trainer

Adios, folks!


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