my Dior look

Went on a Dior makeup craze recently. Absolutely adore the 999 range of rouge and nail polish! Indeed, the nail laquer goes onto the nails so evenly, quickly and smoothly. Sufficiently deep colour with only 1 layer applied. Good for a quickie manicure for a busy, busy girl like me.

Dior makeup

Also tried the Diorshow New Look mascara and Diorshow eyeliner (omg, forgot to include the eyeliner in the picture above?!?!) I need to revamp my eyelashes! Perm or extend or whatever. They are too short and not full. 😦 I promise I’ll prescribe me some Latisse soon. 😉 Shall be content with falsies for the time being.

tiffiny yang

17 days on from my stem cell skin rejuvenation treatment… my skin is feeling wonderfully fresh and supple, like a young girl’s! (For all my readers… I am forever young. LOL. 😀 ) The fine lines around the mouth seem less visible too. The effects are supposed to continue on for months. I’m all excited and anticipatory!!

Adios, folks~


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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