Happy Mooncake Festival!

The season for mooncakes is all over town now and if you’re craving for some durian moon cake, home’s favourite must be the best! I didn’t believe it when Lynette first told me so but Four Seasons durian moon cake, which I usually buy, seemed to less appetizing this year so I thought I’d give another brand a try.

I didn’t regret it. The black sesame snowskin Mao Shan Wang is heavenly~


lunch at Swensen's

There was a very interesting article in the newspaper last Sunday on looking younger with eyebags! Is that even possible?

Well, a rising hot trend in Korea has made its headway here: the look of “aegyo sals”… pretty eye bags, I call it.

A lot of white women have it naturally, such as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson.

And a lot of Asians girls have them too, especially female Korean celebrities.

From time past, I have seen many many asking for Botox to reduce it, citing reasons that they make them look tired and baggy. Now, girls are requesting to have under eye bags to look cute and awake!

Is it that beauty and the perception of it changes with time? The way I see it, it’s actually always been there in many beauties of times past, just never considered particularly as a beautifying feature until now.

Ciao, Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!!! 😉


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