Happy Big 3, Hubby~

Went to celebrate my hub’s “Big 3” b-day last weekend at Prego’s, Fairmont hotel. (Amex Plat holders get one-for-one dining! Super worth it.) It’s a fine authentic Italian restaurant. Real fine indeed– even the breadsticks came with specially made tomato spread and was yummy.

I tried the chef’s recommended pasta with Maine lobster and heirloom tomato.

Maine lobster & heirloom tomato pastapizza

Big flat chunks of pasta, like lagsana split asunder. The mint leaves (or at least I think they are mint leaves) were surprisingly flavourful with the pasta sauce. 😛 My hubby, not so adventurous, said the penne carbonara was nice.

City Space was just nearby so we went there for a tad of after-dinner drinks– 70 floors up, next to the window. Woot~ Do not get too woozy on your booze and miss a step! 😉 The view was panoramic, fer sure.

Tummy was happy, hubby was happy. Good day!

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yangtiffiny yang


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