thank God for the clinic!

Have been so busy running the clinic that I’ve sorely neglected this space. It’s mind-boggling how many things need to be done for the tiniest practice– a hundred and one indeed. And it gets so busy at times I can’t even pee.

Well, thank the Lord, things are settling in and more or less running like a well-oiled machinery. I’m grateful for wonderful staff… Lynette is like SuperGirl, really.

After a long time, my hubby and I finally had time to go for a dinner date last Sunday night at Black Angus. The last time we visited there was more than a year ago, when I was just pregnant with little Eddy.

tiffiny yang

Black Angus roast beef

The roast beef is their signature, as well as their famed Wild Wild West Onion Ring. They even have a promo now to celebrate America’s Independence Day and Singapore’s National Day… some beef kebab and lobster tail (one wonders why… the Merlion???) and rocket leaf salad. Drool. I love rocket leaves, especially atop Spizza.

Well, now for a little more on what I do…

In my practice, I meet people (women and men) from all walks of life. They say beauty is skin deep, but it’s amazing how this so-called “thin layer” effects so great a difference in a person’s self-confidence and outlook in life. Many times, I have seen a patient’s confidence soar skyward once my recommendations and treatments took effect.

I had one such encounter with a middle-aged divorcee who came to seek consult with me one fine afternoon. I could sense that her self-esteem ain’t fantastic and being a recent divorcee, she must have been going through a rough patch indeed (I didn’t probe).

On first assessment, she showed signs of photoaging– faint melasma on both cheeks, slightly dull and saggy skin that caused some jowling and a rectangular face shape. Quite a common combination in our local population, actually. She asked for something short of a makeover.

I made the suggestions I thought fit and started with face slimming and laser treatment. The thing about medical aesthetic treatments is that results usually take awhile and come gradually– one needs to be patient.

It didn’t come easy. Face slimming takes effect in 1-2 months and she was initially disappointed as she thought there was no improvement at 2 weeks. On top of that, laser treatment sometimes cause downtime of some swelling and redness, even a little darkening, before the pigmentation improves. I gave her my reassurance and asked her to wait for it.

Didn’t see her until 2 months later but WOW, is she a different woman. Her skin was tighter, pigmentation cleared by 50% and her face slimmed to a V. She looked younger, sweeter and so much better than before. Even she herself was taken aback when I showed her “before” and “now” photos for her to see. And I could sense her confidence immediately taking a leap.

I was so happy for her indeed. Literally teared with joy at her happy transformation when I drove home later that evening. 🙂


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