For a cuter nose tip~

Big round nose tips are not desirable to most of us, and neither are wide nostrils.

For a long time, the understanding is that big round nose tips are difficult to correct with fillers.

That is true to a certain extent– fillers are meant to volumise; in a way, if you overdo the tip with filler, it can become bigger and rounder.

Having said that, there is a way to augment the nose tip using filler without ending up in the reverse. A little augmentation at the base of the columnella and along it can achieve a perkier nose tip. It may not be by much, but it will be enough for some.

A little botox at the ala can also work to reduce the width slightly.

Another way to perk up your nose tip: threadlift of the nasal tip and bridge, using a good-sized barbed thread that goes from the tip to the frontonasal point. The thread pulls taut within the tip and effects a certain lifting that cannot be achieved by filler alone.

If all else fails, one may consider surgery to improve the look of the nose tip by tip plasty. But hey, there’s more inertia to going under the knife.

Nonetheless, fret not, whatever it may be, it is possible to correct it! 😀

tiffiny yang


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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