my makeup tools

my makeup toolsMy collection of makeup brushes… How many tools do a girl need to paint her face?? 😉

Don’t underestimate the importance of using the correct brush for makeup application. It makes a lot of difference in how the product goes onto the skin and how it looks after that.

For example, I always had a problem with even application of concealer around the nose and mouth until I got a precise concealer brush from Sephora. Made the whole process smoother and less frustrating! Using a stippling brush also makes it easier to apply foundation evenly and without seeming too thick.

Eyeshadow is the trickiest. You only need 2-3 brushes for face makeup, but the eye makeup can take up to 7 different types of brushes. *GASP*

It’s much like my aesthetic work too. Different lengths and gauges of needles and syringes for cosmetic treatments! Gee, I sidetracked…

my needles

Anyway, I got a lot of my inspiration for makeup tips from Michelle Phan, the Youtube guru for makeup. Check her out here: Michelle Phan on Youtube. She teaches many makeup tips and tricks for every makeup need, using makeup products that are easily available at the departmental or drug store. Quite the amazing makeup guru indeed. 🙂


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  1. Hi! We just made a post about creating the perfect starter brush kit. You should check it out ❤ We just started out and would love some support. Great blog by the way!

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