FAQs: Face Slimming by Botox Jaw Reduction

I frequently have patients ask me all sorts of questions about Botox jaw reduction. Here’s a summary of what you might really want to know about it.

Will my skin sag after non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox?

No. The difference in jaw slimming is visible but not so great as to cause excess skin, such that it sags. As mentioned, it’s a natural looking effect, unlike surgical jaw reduction where people will most likely be able to tell.

When I do non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox, will I become addicted to the procedure?

Only if you’re addicted to looking better than before. The procedure itself does not produce any form of dependence or tolerance to it. If you are satisfied with the results or decide not to continue with it, you do not have to repeat the procedure any more than you so wish.

Does the effect of non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox become permanent after a while?

This is a question that is still under major debate. Some believe that with prolonged weakening and atrophy of the masseter muscles, it becomes difficult to build it up again, so that the effect becomes more permanent. There may even be bone remodelling of the jaw due to changes in muscle action on the angles of the jaw. However, this effect is at best variable and uncertain. If you are keen to upkeep your beautiful V-shape face, it is still a good idea to maintain it with sufficient doses at regular intervals, depending on your doctor’s prescription.

I did the non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox. Why do I not see the result?

If you do not see the results from your recent non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox, here’s a checklist to find out why:

  1. Was it a reliable treatment? This may seem rather common sense, but it is important to know that your treating personnel is licensed and trained to perform this procedure, as well as use approved brands of botulinum toxin. At the date of this article, 2 brands of botulinum toxin: Botox and Dysport, are FDA (USA) and HSA (Singapore) approved. No spa or beautician should be doing this procedure for you.
  2. Has it been 2 months since your non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox? Results are not instantaneous. It takes an average of 2-8 weeks to see good results.
  3. Was the dose of botulinum toxin enough? Low doses effect small changes, so that you are unable to tell the difference. Perhaps you need to check how much botulinum toxin was used and whether you need a top up.
  4. Is the reason for treatment correct? There are 4 reasons to not having a slim face: big bone, fat under the skin, buccal fat pad on the cheeks and masseter muscles at the angles of the jaws. Non-surgical jaw reduction by Botox only resolves the last one. You need other procedures to treat the other 3 causes. Occasionally, it is more than one reason. The doctor can tell you which is your real problem and recommend accordingly.
  5. Do you have antibodies to the botulinum toxin? This is very rare but possible. If you have antibodies to the botulinum toxin, the injected Botox will have been removed by the body and rendered ineffective at the point of injection. In that case, consider other forms of treatments.

This article was written and produced by Dr Tiffiny Yang

“Medical Aesthetics: Fabulous, Not Fake”


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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