All about IPL

People frequently ask me what is the difference between IPLs and Lasers. It is confusing, I agree.

Intense pulsed light is a technology similar to medical lasers, except that it uses a selective broad spectrum of intense light to target melanin in hair and pigmented lesions, haemoglobin in vascular lesions and porphyrin molecules associated with P acnes bacteria. It is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment option for permanent hair reduction and pigmented or vascular lesions, with little or no downtime. You can literally return to your activities immediately after treatment.

Dr Tiffiny Yang's Nannolight IPL

Our clinic’s Nannolight IPL just arrived last week! It’s FDA and HSA approved for those indications. This IPL has contact cooling so that the entire procedure is comfortable and almost pain-free. Flashes of intense light is applied over the target area to be treated and is commonly described to feel like rubber bands snapping over the skin.

Multiple treatments are required for optimal results. Hair removal takes approximately 4-10 treatments and pigmented or vascular lesions take approximately 4-5 treatments. Treatments can be spaced 1 month apart.

It is important to consult with your doctor before the procedure, as the settings of treatment vary with each individual, in order to minimise side effects. Improper use of the IPL can lead to burns, post treatment pigmentation or even scarring. These can be avoided with careful selection of treatment parameters and patient profile.

Are you looking to get rid of the unsightly, unwanted hair? Seeking to reduce those bothersome pigmentation and vascularity? Ask your aesthetic doctor now for what you can do to treat these!

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