on choosing Jan Marini

One good thing about having my own practice is that I get to incorporate into my practice the things I believe in and that I know, works.

Choosing a skincare line for my clinic was a very difficult decision. There are so many brands of skincare products out there, claiming to accomplish all sorts of miracles. The truth is, nobody can create miracles. If it does seem miraculous, it probably contains too much steroids, or worse still– hydroquinone. 😀 I am also pretty skeptical because of the countless OTC products I have tried for ages without so much as seeing a twitch.

A good and safe skincare line just needs to be well-rounded, effective, cost-efficient and minimally irritating.

I explored my options and discovered the Jan Marini line of skincare products. Had the opportunity to try them out myself, in particular the C-esta series and the MD series. Pleasantly met with good results.

Take the C-esta series, for example. After pregnancy, I felt my face sagged slightly and even felt a bit lax. 😥 The change wasn’t visible, but I definitely knew it was real. I decided to give this product a try. The series mainly contains DMAE complex for lifting and Vitamin C for whitening. Use the C-esta cleansing gel first, followed by C-esta Oil Control Serum. Add on a moisturiser after that if you’d like. With no exaggeration intended, I felt my face lift within days, my complexion started to glow and my face looked even slimmer than before (probably from some slight tightening– I wasn’t joking about the saggy skin!). I was almost shocked at how effective the product was. My hubby also noticed and admired. It also seemed to be 2 tones lighter than the untreated neck and chest.


The only “downside” is that the effect probably lasts only as long as you use it. My suggestion is that you can combine it with a skin tightening laser procedure for maximum benefit.

The Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense cream is also one of their bestsellers. It contains retinol, peptides, chrysin, etc. to rapidly improve dark eye circles and was clinically proven in independent studies, where 100% of subjects observed improvement in texture, lines, wrinkles and pigment around the eyes by dermatological assessment. I tried it at a period when I was sleeping very little since I was preparing the clinic and looking after my little one. Instead of worsening dark eye circles, they definitely improved. Ha! Probably will improve the success rate of my laser treatments for dark eye circles to near 90%.

Feedback from my clients who are on Retinol MD or Enlighten MD: their skin felt smoother within a week, complexion started to glow and fine lines improved later on. No wonder this brand won the NewBeauty Award for the best product (in particular, the Retinol MD) 3 years in a row (2011 to 2013).

Retinol MD

Note of warning though: the MD series has stronger levels of active ingredients and therefore, is only available at the doctor’s office and must be used according to careful instructions. Otherwise, side effects will not be a surprise.

I’m sure Jan Marini is not the only good skincare brand around and I certainly wouldn’t say it is necessarily the best. But it isn’t easy to find a decent skincare line and this is certainly a pretty darn good one. In conclusion, once you do sufficient research and trial and error, the rewards will surely be great! For your skin, at least. 😉


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