Yummy BBQ

A friend and I went to eat at BBQ Box, Geylang, 2 weeks ago. It was a Northen Chinese type of BBQ cuisine… super spicy and salty, but super addictive. Not too healthy dining, I must say!

wonderful BBQ

The delicious BBQ chicken wings, BBQ mushrooms (my favorite!), BBQ beef and lamb, BBQ fish and prawn. All very spicy, all very yummy.

cool as cucumber

The dish on the left explains the saying “as cool as a cucumber”. This garlicky cucumber cools the tongue from the burning spices of the BBQ food, like ice on a hot iron. Loved the eggplant too.

Unfortunately, like they always say about Geylang food… can you take it? My tummy started feeling queasy that very night and I was sick the very next day (nausea, diarrhoea, the works…). Sigh! Maybe it was the mushrooms– overloaded on that.

Makes me quite afraid to go back there again.

Anyway, look who’s here to greet you now! 😉

boy boy

Ciao, ’til the next post~


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Doctor 整形医生/医師 Ms S'pore Universe 环球小姐 FHM Chinese International Cover Girl 男人帮国际中文版封面女郎 FHM S'pore Model 男人帮新加坡模特儿 A girl loves her piano~
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2 Responses to Yummy BBQ

  1. Brian Davis says:

    Looks YUMMY alright. Hummm, I think I’m going to BBQ chicken and prawns tonight for supper.

    You look adorable as always and so does your little one, thanks for sharing.

    Congrads on the new clinic.

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