all for a V shape face


It’s no longer the fashion statement to be round or square. What will we do for the ideal V shaped face that everybody craves and strives for?

Facial product for V shape face???

I saw this on the retail shelf recently. Facial products to create a V shape face?? Do they really work? Well, no one knows.

Nonetheless, there are effective ways to slim the face and create the much desired V shape… and without surgery too. One of the methods is to combine jawline slimming by botulinum injection and chin filler injection.

The masseters are two bulky muscles on each side of the angle of your jaw. They serve as muscles of mastication, which means they help you chew. There are two other muscle groups that also perform this function, namely the temporalis muscles and the pterygoid muscles.

Especially in conditions of excessive chewing or grinding at night (known as bruxism), the masseters at the jawline can grow to quite a size, causing the jaws to look square or the face to look bigger, much like how body builders grow their abs and pects by training them. Relaxing the muscles by injecting Botox is effective in shrinking the jawline, thereby slimming the angle of the jaw.

Botox is injected into the masseters on each side of the face and spread out at multiple points within the muscle. The procedure is a not surgical and the facial slimming effect is seen anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks.

This is followed by improving the dimension of the face by chin augmentation with filler injection. Hyaluronic acid filler is a proteoglycan similar to what is also found in our skin, eyes and joints. It is highly reversible, either by dissolution or natural breakdown by the body over months, and has been found to be very safe for facial contouring. This filler material is injected into the chin to improve overall dimensions.

Possible side effects from the above procedure include a slight dull ache over the muscles, especially with chewing. This should be transient and resolve within a week. After filler injection, there may be some dull aching and slight bruising under the chin for a few days.

So who says you need surgery to have a slim V face? This method is highly effective and safe, with minimal pain too.

Also, you can read more about face slimming in this post: Cherubic or Chipmunk Facies.


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2 Responses to all for a V shape face

  1. Lily Hoi says:


    Is it a one-time procedure? How long does the contoured face last after the procedure ?

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