Wellness No. 1 Cover

Yours truly is on the cover of Wellness No. 1 2013!

Wellness no. 1 cover

Wellness No. 1 is an English magazine focusing on health and wellness issues, published by the Chinese Newspaper Division of Singapore Press Holdings. It offers the best of both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of its unique features is its ability to bring together a panel of close to 50 Western doctors, TCM practitioners, pharmacists, nutritionists and other experts to share their knowledge and information to readers. It was officiated by Mr Khaw Boon Wan at the Paragon Atrium in Feb 2011 during the launch of the inaugural issue.

Since then, it has been selling like hotcakes, with the last issue being sold out within a month of its launch and all available copies sold out at the launch today.

presentation of souvenirDuring the launch, I received a beautiful souvenir of a framed Wellness No. 1 cover page from Mr Lim Jim Koon, the editor-in-chief of Chinese Newspapers.


This was the billboard onstage, showcasing the 2 sister health magazines launched today. One of it is the Chinese 健康第1 and the other is the English Wellness No. 1, which yours truly is on! 🙂 The Chinese magazine features a pair of twins who are both doctors in their 40s– the elder sister, Dr Lim Ing Haan, is a cardiologist and the younger one, Dr Lim Ing Ruen, is a ENT surgeon.

with the editors

Group photo with the handsome editors. What an honour! 😉

The launch was held today with a mega health forum at the Raffles City Convention Centre at 9am today. There was a huge turnout queuing to subscribe to the sister magazines and booths set up by HPB, Watsons, etc. to promote health and well-being.

My sister went in the late afternoon but wasn’t able to get a copy anymore. 😦

So check out the magazine stands soon and grab a copy for your reading pleasure! 😉

magazine stand

P.S. Would like to thank SPH and all, especially the Chinese Newspaper Division, for this honour and wonderful opportunity. Wish you all great success in this amazing publication! 😉


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