the mathematical deduction of beauty

the golden proportion of beauty

Do you know what is the golden proportion of beauty?

It is the geometric ratio for beauty. This mathematical blueprint applies to everything in nature, art, architecture and human beauty and is well described in Greek canons.

So what is this secret? It is thus said, that beauty is found wherever the longer segment (of anything) is 1.6180 of the shorter segment (of anything) and the shorter segment (of anything) is 0.6180 of the longer segment (of anything).

So, to translate it into understandable terms: a beautifully proportioned body is where the height of the body is 1.6180 of the distance from the head to the hand.

Likewise, a beautifully proportioned face has several golden proportions worked into it. For example, the length of the face from the top of the head to the chin is 1.6180 of the width of the face from cheekbone to cheekbone. The width of the lips is 1.6180 of the width of the ala of the nose. The distance between the eyes from the lateral canthi is 1.6180 of the width of the lips. The distance between the temples is 1.6180 of the distance between the eyes. The vertical distance between the eyebrows and the ala of the nose is 1.6180 of the distance from the eyebrow to the cheek prominence. And the list goes on and on and on…

The painting of Mona Lisa has been analysed to contain many golden proportions in her face and her body.

Having said so, it is difficult to achieve all the golden proportions on the face unless one is born with it, as one cannot change the position of the eyes relative to the nose and mouth.

However, improvements are definitely possible. These may be in the form of eyebrow shaping or makeup to improve the distance to the cheek prominence, hairstyling to shape the height and width of the forehead, chin and cheek fillers to augment the menton and cheek prominence respectively and alar reduction to create a smaller nose. Most of the time, with some golden proportions in place, one can already look very pleasing.

The golden proportion of beauty is a useful guide, but at the end of the day, none of us are perfect. Rather than work tirelessly to be the perfect golden-proportioned beauty, I advocate us to do our best to look our greatest– and the confidence that exudes from your face knowing you’re at your best will give you more mileage than reaching for a goal that may prove impractical and ever elusive.


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