Asia’s Next Top Model finale is coming!

Tyra Banks’ global premier of Asia’s Next Top Model aired in Nov/Dec 2012 and I’ve been an avid fan! 😉

I love Stephanie Retuya from the Philippines! She’s my favourite contestant. Even though she seemed to have barely scraped by to get into top 3, I still think she’s got all the potential to be a top model and (lo and behold) she’s now in top 3 and will appear in tomorrow’s finale of Asia’s first Top Model!

Stephanie RetuyaThis is Stephanie Retuya.

She calls herself an underdog because she was in bottom two and almost got eliminated five times, four in a row. She’s there, nonetheless! I identify very much with this sweet looking girl-next-door because she struggled to achieve her dreams and worked hard for what she wanted. Despite several blows to her confidence along the way, she didn’t give up, did her best every time and tasted the sweet rewards of some success. She is also a mother to one.

I’ll be wishing her luck for the upcoming finale and may she see her dreams come true. 😀



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