the evils of the sunbaked skin

Do you love to suntan?

Getting that sun-kissed, bronzed look may seem attractive… for a while. The sun does major damage to the skin, known as photo aging, especially with prolonged periods of exposure.

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight is the main culprit. They generate toxic free radicals, particularly reactive oxygen species that damage cells and cause them to lose their ability to regenerate, leading to senescence and even predisposing us to cancer of the skin.

Signs of photo aging include pigmentation, laxity, wrinkles and fine vessels, amongst others. At an early stage, it may still be medically treatable and reversible, but at a late stage, a modest improvement is at best hoped for.

Sunblock should be a daily routine, with religious application on sun-exposed areas such as the face, neck, décolletage, dorsum of hands and forearms.

So, thinking of hitting the beach this summer? Think again. It may be worthwhile to slap on oodles of sunblock instead of getting baked and burnt. 😉


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2 Responses to the evils of the sunbaked skin

  1. Brian Davis says:

    Tiffany. Thanks for the facts about suntanning. I heard about the dangers many years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. We would be on vacation somewhere warm and I would sit in the shade plastered in sunscreen. People laughed and said “get out in the sun, get a tan!” I found sitting in the shade around water with SPF 60 on I still got tanned, not baked.

    Looking tanned is not worth the irreversible effects that tanning causes.

    I didn’t know exactly what happened in the skin and cells but I knew it wasn’t good. Thanks to your explanation it all makes sense.

    Thanks for sharing Tiff.


    • tiffiny yang says:

      Hi Brian,

      You’re absolutely right– just to look tanned is hardly worth it at all!

      It may be hard not to succumb to certain societal ideals of beauty sometimes, but knowing the consequences of photo-aging is enough to put me off. Having said that, it may be easier for me to disdain tanning, since I live in a predominantly Asian/Oriental culture where fair porcelain skin is highly prized amongst women. 😉


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