on skin whitening jabs

Skin whitening injections are wildly popular in many parts of the world today. In places like Korea, Thailand and Philippines, it’s commonplace, even though it’s not yet proven to be safe for mainstream administration in most parts of the world.

Did you know that substances such as lead and mercury, which would be considered too toxic for cosmetic use today, were used in ancient times for skin whitening? Such is the pursuit for fairer skin for centuries past, sparing no expense. Of course, none of us want to end up looking like Michael Jackson– a ghastly white image of his former self and the result of monobenzone overuse.

So what is found in a typical skin whitening jab nowadays?

The main ingredients that may go into this much coveted treatment are: glutathione, vitamin C and tranexamic acid. They work mainly to block the production of melanin in the skin, thereby lightening the skin tone gradually.

Many oral whitening treatments also contain L-cysteine, a precursor of glutathione (since it itself isn’t absorbed well orally). They attempt to promote the body’s production of this “whitening” agent by swarming it with the building blocks.

These drugs, when injected, can potentially cause major side effects, so use with caution is strongly advised! Glutathione can cause kidney failure and life threatening drug reactions. Tranexamic acid is used medically to treat bleeding tendencies and logically, may cause unwanted blood clotting in normal, healthy individuals, potentially leading to freak incidents of stroke or heart attacks. When applied topically, too little of it is absorbed into the system to cause much harm, but the effects are greatly multiplied when used as an injectable. Vitamin C alone is generally safer, although in high doses may cause kidney stones or insufficiency, giddiness and local injection site reactions.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I have yet to find a reputable brand of skin whitening injectable I can safely trust or use on anyone ethically. (If I did, I’d probably be the first one onto it. LOL.) Many of it in the market are manufactured by questionable sources– I wouldn’t even try it on my worst enemy. I guess the only one that may be considered safe is injectable Vitamin C alone, since it is a therapy given for severe deficiency of Vitamin C.

So, attractive as it sounds, I advise max caution to anyone considering injectable glutathione or tranexamic acid. Seeing as to how many people (in other countries) are trying it, it may not seem dangerous, but bear in mind that long term research and evidence based proof of injectable glutathione and tranexamic acid is lacking and safety is still much in doubt. Vitamin C injection is probably the only one that’s okay.

There are many other ways to look beautiful– one need not be too bent on putting one’s health on the line! 🙂


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