losing those baby pounds

Friends and strangers alike have been bugging me on how I managed to lose my post pregnancy weight so soon, so I thought I’d share it in this space. They think that perhaps I have some secret formula– well, I do: it starts with sheer determination and a lot of hard work. 😀

In the course of my work, I have seen many who couldn’t lose the weight and come to us for help to lose the flab by liposuction, etc. Well, it helps too, but thankfully I didn’t have to go that way. 😛 I thought to myself: Miranda Kerr, a Victoria Secret’s Angel, managed to do it– why can’t I?

So here’s how I returned to pre-pregnancy weight within 4 months post-delivery:

1. Reduce calorie intake

Of course, right? After all, extra pounds are shed only when there isn’t enough to pick up the slack. Different diets have been recommended but I find the most effective one to be the diet that fits into your lifestyle, as long as the calorie count is negative at the end of the day. Keeping a diary helps to give a clearer overview.

2. Increase energy expenditure

Everybody knows that, but it’s much harder to do, especially if there is no other caregiver for your baby. I was fortunate to have some help initially, so I managed to go for 30 minute jogs every other day, but even I lost steam after a while. Thereafter, I depended heavily on dieting and home exercise regimes. I love to do the hula hoop in front of the TV cos it burns off calories and really helps to shrink the waist at zero mental pain since you’re distracted by your favourite show! 😀

Breastfeeding also contributes to a lot of calorie loss and it is WHO’s top recommendation for baby food. 🙂

3. Use a corset

I find this absolutely necessary for shaping a rapidly shrinking figure. I wore one 24/7 for the first month and reduced it to at nights only thereafter. It can be rather hot and uncomfortable, so choosing the right size and fabric is very important!

sexy silhouette

A post pregnancy figure need not be a bad thing at all. Take Miranda Kerr for example: she lost all the baby flab but retained her baby curves and looks even better than before, and that’s what people have been telling me too. It’s wonderful to know that you don’t need to be afraid to lose a good thing in order to produce something so precious as your baby child. 😉


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