introducing the all new Shu Uemura BB mousse!

Went back to Kim Robinson’s yesterday for a follow-up review of my haircut. Such holistic care and service… 😀

Shopped around Takashimaya departmental store for a BB cream after my haircut. Vogue UK voted Shu Uemura BB mousse as top ranking BB cream in August 2012, so I thought I should try it out. Went around to the booths of Estee Lauder, Dior, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Clarins to compare with their BB creams too (though I felt they didn’t quite match up). 😛

BB cream (short for blemish balm) is an all-in-one product that provides coverage for pores and blemishes, primer for makeup, sunscreen, moisturiser and even anti-aging skincare. To me, that’s like Christmas in a bottle. It was first developed by a German dermatologist for her patients as post treatment care but soon became highly sought after worldwide.

My main requirements in a good BB cream is 1. coverage 2. weight and 3. finish. It can have any SPF, as long as it is above 15. I simply cannot stand BB creams that look shiny and oily when applied or feel like I’ve slapped some heavy mud on my face. Worst, I absolutely hate BB creams that look cakey or patchy when it dries. I’ve had my share of bad experiences which almost made me swear off BB creams forever.

That’s where Shu Uemura got it right. It comes as a light mousse formulation and dries evenly without caking, plus it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all! You gotta use a makeup sponge during application though, cos it dries with speed. For dry skin like mine, applying a layer of hydrating serum first makes it less likely to flake.

I tried it out with some compact powder for my photoshoot today…

No digital retouching done. 😉

I’m so very happy with my new find and am absolutely loving it. You gotta try it to know it! 🙂


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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2 Responses to introducing the all new Shu Uemura BB mousse!

  1. S says:

    Hi dear what compact powder do you used with Shu Uemura bb? I’m currently using Lancomebb expert and been researching and reviewing on bb and foundation. Please share more.

    • tiffiny yang says:

      I’ve been using Clinique’s Derma-white pressed powder for years now. I only combine both of them if I need thicker coverage. On normal days, I just use the BB mousse.

      What is the Lancome BB expert like? Any good? 🙂

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