a tribute to Dr Richard Teo

It’s been a month since Dr Richard Teo passed away, so I thought I’d write a final goodbye for him. The print media have written about him all over, why not I?

Richard was my boss as well as a friend for 2 and a half years since August 2010, when I joined the clinic he founded and have since learnt so much from him and his business partner. Some may consider me a protege of Dr Richard Teo… and what I knew of him was enough to earn my deepest respect for that man.

He had great business acumen, a sharp mind and a very sensible head on his shoulders. He definitely knew how to run a good business.

He also had a sensitive side. I felt as if he could read people’s moods and even their minds. He was a warm and friendly personality to his fraternity and a responsible doctor to his patients. Some have wrongly accused him of only seeing the dollar signs on his clients, but the Richard I knew listened to what his patients wanted and did his best to serve them what they asked for. And he had very good hands too. Just because he was in a more lucrative field of medicine doesn’t make his work evil.

He loved to zip around in his GTR and aimed to grow his business to (always) the next level. As everyone may have seen in his testimony, I’m not surprised that he wanted to buy a Ferrari and build a bungalow for himself. (Although, as far as I know, he didn’t already have these yet.) He was an ambitious man, but he wasn’t a baddd man. Which hot blooded young man isn’t impassioned about life, works to do something great to make it big in society and later on, to rest on his laurels? He mentioned that his big mistake was that he had his priorities wrong while trying to achieve these. He couldn’t handle his success and it was by the grace of God he was pulled back from the edge of the cliff before he fell over.

I just hope that people do not remember Richard in the way some media sources have popularly painted him out to be– a conniving, materialistic, unfeeling businessman– but to know that he was just human (like the rest of us) and did things humanly (like the rest of us would), but found a better way at last, although the lesson came at a great price.

And we all cannot deny the deep impression his life testimony left on us. His story touched many of us who read it and helped us learn his life’s lesson without going through the same suffering he did. Consider ourselves lucky, and be grateful he was brave enough to step up and openly share his epiphany with us.

How has he changed my life? Apart from the valuable medical skills he taught me, his life lesson made me think it was time to start a family with my husband and my son was thus born 4 months ago. Little Eddy has since been one of the most unspeakable joys in my life.

So thank You, God, for Richard’s life. Though it ended shortly, it burned very bright at the very last for Your glory.

Some memories of him…

At the launch of Rachel K’s products

In Korea

At the launch of Elure Skin Whitening


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6 Responses to a tribute to Dr Richard Teo

  1. Eric says:

    Though I do not know Doctor Richard Teo personally , however I am ovewhelmed with his
    courage to share that touched the lives of an enormous number of people across Singapore and I
    thank God ,for using him to wake me up, as I have been a sleeping Christian for a long time.

    It’s been a month since Dr Richard Teo’s passing, however in CHRIST, he is still alive! and for
    those who have been touched by God, may you continue to enter each day with a joyful heart,serve
    the call of courage and love, just like Doctor Richard Teo.

    Soli deo Gloria!

  2. juni says:

    Dearest Tiffiny, thank you so much for sharing us about Dr Richard Teo. May his soul Rest In Peace and now he with Father in heaven singing Hallelujah to the King with the angels…
    Keep the faith & GOD bless us abundantly.

  3. elldy says:

    I read the messsage of Dr Richard Teo and deeply touched my heart. I was translated into my own language and say about his story as possible as i can among my fellow christians. I think that his last words are important for every human beings.

    I wanted to know more about his story.

  4. JJ Wong says:

    It’s one of the very precious gem of sharing. Thank you Dr Richard Teo. It opens up my eyes towards how I see thing in life, and what is actually most important in life. What are we actually pursuing in life, what do we really want in life. Happiness…

  5. Mercy J. says:

    Thanks Tiffany Young for defending Dr. Richard. I know Dr. Richard is well loved right by our Lord Jesus. now coz at the end of his life. He was able to know god and to understand more about our savior. He is now more at peace and happy in the arms of our lord. He is now at peace with our lord jesus christ. It is the grace of our Lord that means ou Lord Jesus is happy for what he did yo Dr.vRichard for saving his soul.

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