Miss Dior versus Mademoiselle Chanel

Hubbylicious wanted to gift me with a new bag since I haven’t got one in a long while. Yay~

While I was looking for quality and design, I wanted to be sure it was worth my buck. I narrowed down my choices to either a black Miss Dior flap bag or a black Chanel 2.55. Both look great and were practical for everyday use, so I had a hard time deciding which. Well, they had but some slight differences.

This was the Miss Dior black flap bag I shortlisted. I liked that it was very structured (in fact, I thought it was more structured than the Chanel)– I believe that makes it easier to keep in shape and not have the “used” look after a while. The pink lining inside the bag also stands out grandly and is very attractive.

However, the bag seemed to blend in with the rest of whatever I wear. That may be a plus for some people, but I was looking for something outstanding. The metal chain strap of the Miss Dior flap bag was also quite heavy and the bag only came in lambskin leather, which scratches easily.

The Chanel 2.55 classic flap bag is an ageless design and– I don’t know what it is about it– it stands out beautifully whosever’s shoulder it lies upon. I thought the “bag within a bag” made it look unnecessarily bigger than it practically is, but it isn’t all that heavy to tote around.

Also, the bag comes in black grained calf leather (caviar) and gold metal chain. Black and gold and red are lovely combination colors for a bag. (Not all at once, though.) If Chanel had the medium bag or smaller in crimson red with gold chain, I’d take it right away. Caviar is easier to maintain and has the wonderful leather smell to it (sorry, PETA!) that lambskin hasn’t.

This may seem like a strange proposition but owning a Chanel bag seems to be an investment more than an expense. Resale value is high, and since the price inflates every few years or so, one may break even or even make a profit out of a resale. 😀 Mine will be a keeper though.

So thank you, hubbylicious! As Mademoiselle Chanel puts it, it is an elegantly designed bag that never goes out of style– I think I’ll have to agree! 🙂


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2 Responses to Miss Dior versus Mademoiselle Chanel

  1. Nicci Rosie says:

    Hi Tiffiny. I had the identical dilemma and on the day of purchase Chanel and Dior stores were next to each other so I could compare. The Dior is slightly cheaper but I agree, has a better structure and stands on its own, while the Chanel flops over. I also felt that the colour was ‘blacker’. The Dior has more stitching which I hope will allow the bag to wear better over time. I also got much better service from Dior as we got overlooked for the Asian group that came in after us and then we had to stand around and wait. Eventually the teller looked up and asked if she could help. When I asked to see a bag she said she could not help as “she was only the teller”. I thought our shopping experience at Chanel would be better than that. I ended up with the Dior bag and am thrilled. I know it is sacrarigious to say, but I think the Dior is the better bag and that Chanel is resting on its laurels.

    • Tiffiny Yang says:

      Dear Nicci,

      I agree with your observations of Dior. I ended up with the Chanel bag and so far, it has served me rather well too. I’m glad you made a good choice and shared your experience with me! 🙂

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