Hi everyone!! It’s been a long while… I’ve been pretty much away for this:


Missed my own life very very much! Finally had the chance to get out these days– catch up with friends, do some frivolous shopping for myself, etc.

The one thing on most women’s minds after birth is… weight loss! I’ve been working hard to shed the baby pounds. Not too bad, already lost 13kg as of now. My principle is very simple: calorie output exceeds calorie intake and voila! The flab goes flat. 😀 Thereafter, if you still have stubborn areas here and there, there’s always body contouring options out there to consider, from non-invasive fat freezing & fat busting radiofrequency to (quite invasive) liposuction. Personally, I’m quite freaked about surgery myself so I’ll probably stick to the non invasive options.

That’s all for now. Will return to update this space soon!


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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  1. Jackie Wong says:


  2. S says:

    Congratulations, doctor. Do keep blogging. We do read your blogs but as customers, we prefer anony.

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