how to calm sensitive skin?

Did you know that there are many types of sensitive skin and that each type has a different set of symptoms? If inappropriate treatment is given, it can both be frustrating and disappointing– therefore, the importance of knowing if you have sensitive skin and how you should handle it.

Sensitivity to physical and chemical insults are common, especially in skin types with poor natural barrier to protect it from such trauma.

There are a few ways your skin can protest:

  1. Stinging is usually caused by acidic ingredients in your facial products, such as lactic acid, AHAs and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).
  2. Redness and peeling can be caused by irritants in your facial products, especially the fragrances and preservatives e.g. benzoic acid and parabens.
  3. Acne and rosacea can also be due to sensitive skin! It’s not always due to overproduction of oil on your face. This is important since the topicals used to suppress overproduction of sebum can also irritate sensitized skin. Rosacea can be improved with the help of a vascular laser.

Anti-inflammatories in facial products helps to keep the skin calm and collected but prevention is always better than cure, so do watch out for precipitators and aggravators of your temperamental skin!


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One Response to how to calm sensitive skin?

  1. steven says:

    i think my skin is also one of those which are effected more and always i am in trouble due to this .have to any solution about this ?

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