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Another article published on Ezyhealth & Beauty, by Dr Tiffiny Yang, with minor edits:

Confidence is everything to looking good and feeling great. How then, does a girl achieve confidence strong enough to even taunt a lion in the midst of his pride?

Having a pretty face may help. A positive state of mind is also an indispensable part of being self-confident. But for a woman, nothing enhances her confidence more than a set of well endowed assets. It is a curious observation, but true. That is why so many ladies seek ways and means to attempt to increase that seemingly-so-very-important factor that will make or break her outlook of herself and life.

Many slimming centres tout bust enhancing treatments and massages that claim to be all natural and unbelievably effective. There are also many off the shelf topical creams and bust-up drinks that claim to increase cup size by 1.5 times or more. Most of these treatments and products contain natural phyto-oestrogens that help to augment the breasts somewhat. Even the low dose oestrogen found in the oral contraceptive pill can sometimes enhance bust size — this has been claimed by many women. I was previously on Yaz for a while too and it did help for perhaps… 1/2 cup size? (Nonetheless, it should not be consumed for that purpose as this isn’t even an off label indication.) A more realistic approach will be that these methods may help — even for a while — but expectations must be tailored to meet the same level of results achievable.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that people turn to medical professionals, seeking for effective boob jobs that also look and feel natural (albeit, the materials used aren’t exactly always natural).

Various devices for breast implants have been attempted since the 1800s, ranging from paraffin injections to glass balls—many of which failed and caused horrible results before the famous silicone implant was eventually (and thankfully) invented. These days, implants used have greatly improved safety. In November 2006, the FDA approved 2 silicone gel-filled breast implants—Allergen Natrelle and Mentor MemoryGel—as reasonably safe for breast implantation.

How Safe Is A Boob Job?

The risks and adverse events of undergoing a typical boob job can be classified into procedural risks and risks of the implant device.

Procedural risks include the usual risks one takes when undergoing any surgery or procedure, such as bleeding, bruising, infection and swelling. If sedation is used, there are additional side effects such as drowsiness, giddiness and nausea or vomiting and risks such as slowing of breathing and heart arrest. A pre-procedural health check to ascertain medical fitness is therefore of utmost important. Bruising and swelling go away within a week or two and infection, if it happens, should always be treated early. Implants themselves carry their own risks of rupture, leakage and capsular contracture. Although not considerably high, the possibilities should be considered. If these adverse events occur, the affected breast usually changes in shape and an early consult with the doctor should be sought.

Pain and downtime after breast implant surgery varies. Most times, pain should subside within a week or two and complete healing of the breasts and scars takes up to a month, at most. A non wired brassiere is recommended during the healing period; massage is not always necessary.

(Picture obtained from Ezyhealth website)

Filling Them Up

For those who do not feel ready to go under the knife for breast implants, there is yet another option available — breast fillers that can be done with the use of body fillers such as polyamide gel or hyaluronic acid gel. This is a procedure where the filler is injected through one or two entry points into the breast for volume enhancement. It is relatively simpler than implants with generally less pain and downtime, with the benefit of being almost scar free. The aftercare required is the same as for implants, perhaps with less vivacity. A non wired bra should be worn for a period of time as recommended by the performing physician. Good wound care is of utmost importance to avert infection. Massage is, again, not always necessary.

The main difference between breast implants and breast fillers is that body fillers usually last only a year, tops, whereas implants are relatively permanent, save for the recommendation to replace them every 10 years or so. That makes breast fillers a rather inconvenient choice. On the flip side, because of their non permanence, breast fillers seem more well accepted socially and carries less of the stigma of a “boob job”.

Fatten Up!

We all know that putting on weight can give a boost to our assets too. But how many people prefer that route?

Notwithstanding, the latest “filler” used for breast augmentation is autologous fat, i.e. fat obtained from another area of the body and grafted immediately into the desired area of volume enhancement — in this case, the breast. This is more commonly known as fat grafting. It is an attractive and rather promising method of breast augmentation, since it removes unsightly fat from problem areas and then makes use of the body’s own fat to augment the breasts. The fat cells may actually take on and if they survive, they become a permanent part of the breast and gives long-lasting results. Unfortunately, more often than not, the grafted fat cannot survive after transplantation and dies after grafting. It is therefore only a temporary augmentation, with additional risks of causing hardness and lumpiness when the cells die.

There is now ground breaking research on the use of stem cells and plasma rich platelets to enhance the survival of grafted fat cells in the breasts. This is now in its experimental stages. Nonetheless, one can imagine that if fat grafting for the breasts can someday achieve good results with lower adverse risks, breast implants may very well go out of fashion. There’s absolutely no fight between the choice of an artificial means versus a truly “all-natural” enhancement, in every sense of the word!

The options for surgical breast augmentation are rapidly improving with every decade. A girl is spoilt for choices. Which option is the best depends on one’s needs and expectations. Currently, breast implants seem to be the most popular option. Whichever option you choose, know what you’re getting into so you are well prepared. Henceforth, enjoy your new lease of life with greater confidence!

You also can find this article at http://www.ezyhealth.com/magazine/big-bigger-biggest/. 🙂 Enjoy!


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