she’s so beautiful

My sister in law got married today. Janna Yang to Michael Seow. It was an emotional moment– now that she’s all grown up and married and stuffs… ~><~

Congratulations to the lovely couple! 🙂 May your life together be filled with bliss and everlasting love for each other.

I sure was oogling at the dazzling train. 😛

And I’m glad to have helped a little here and a little there, especially in makeup. 🙂

Is this cuteness or what?

Wedding was at Hort Park…

The day ended with a sumptuous dinner at Ritz Carlton Summer Pavilion restaurant. To say that the food was tasty is a sore understatement. Not sure I can be as optimistic about the cost. 😛

I enjoyed dressing up for it too! 🙂

I love the pink fur coat from Moiselle. (For you animal lovers, it’s 100% synthetic.) Moiselle carries a whole range of apparel that’s totally my taste and type. I first discovered the brand in Hong Kong but realized that they also have an outlet at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Yay~


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