iS Clinical by Innomed, Singapore

This is way overdue!!

I attended the launch of iS Clinical by Innovative Skincare (jointly with Innomed) some time ago, on David’s invitation.

They’ve got some good stuffs going on there. The CEO, Mr. Bryan Johns, is an expert in biochemistry and genetics and most of the skincare products are his brainchildren. (Got such word??)

I was particularly interested in the White Lightening Complex, which had ingredients like arbutin and licorice extract (known to be effective in lightening pigmentation). Prob worth a try. I’m always trying to fight off my sun spots.

There was also a powder sunscreen in their range of products that I thought might be really useful for sun protection on the go! It comes with a ready-to-use brush, all in one convenient tube. Just flick open, twist it up, brush a little here and there and you’re ready to take on the sun-filled outdoors. Truly innovative. 🙂 It only has SPF 20 though, so regular reapplication may be necessary.

Did you know? The American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF of 15 or more. This probably gives approximately 92% protection. In fact, an SPF of 50 only adds about 2-5% more protection.

If you are concerned about wrinkles around the eyes, you can also try the Youth Eye Complex. Some of my own clients have used it and absolutely swear by it. 🙂

I tried the active serum on the scars Jon sustained after his accident. It must’ve helped in the healing– after a few nights’ use he felt the scars flattened and improved. It’s rather subjective, of course, but he seldom comments if it didn’t work!

So, the event went well. My hubby even won a 2D1N stay in Phuket during the lucky draw, although we didn’t go in the end. (Already had 2 other trips planned in October.)

If you’re interested in the products, do check out the website:

And finally, my random shots that day!


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1 Response to iS Clinical by Innomed, Singapore

  1. Ezen says:

    Dear Dr Yang, Thank you for the lovely and honest write up! Indeed it has been so long i’m impressed you remembered what was taught at the session by Bryan! We are glad your customers love the youth eye.. it really works .. Fast! 🙂
    Continue looking stylish as ever!

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