a day at Universal Studios

Have been M.I.A. for a while… Pretty occupied watching one Japanese dorama after another in an effort to speed up my learning of the tongue. It is quite a beautiful language, really. And Takura Kimura is an amazing actor! I think his best appearance so far is in the TV series Hero. His final scene was so touching… ><

So, I visited Universal Studios Singapore recently as a clinic retreat. Quite enjoyed myself, save for the stifling heat of the day.

Irrashaimase! (Which means welcome. 🙂 )

We took some rides like Shrek’s express train and the Madagascar crate ride and totally skipped the pants-wetting ones like the Mummy’s tomb and the Battle Star Galactica. My favourite time of the day was the Donkey live show! Donkey was so cute and the animation in the screen actually interacted intelligently with the audience! He also nicknamed me Catwoman and hubs Superman. 😀

Need some magic? Potions for sale! ^^

One of my favourite famous people! 😀

How did they make the skirt fly?? The air was absolutely still that day!

Well, overall, I feel that the atmosphere could’ve been more festive. Perhaps it was a weekday so there wasn’t too much activity that day. We’ve visited Universal Studios Japan before too– I think the Japanese youngsters know how to have a better time. Too bad Singaporeans tend to be too restrained and reserved! Life’s too short– we need to let up and let live some times! ^^


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