golf shopping

Went golf shopping over the weekend and got a brand new pair of golf shoes by Mizuno, in my favourite colors!

Hubs was looking at acquiring a new set of golf clubs too, so we were looking around quite a bit. We checked out an outlet called Golf Bargains at Jalan Pemimpin, but realized their prices were not as fantastic as they claimed, on top of the fact that their selection was dismally limited. In fact, the Golf House (by Royal Sporting House) located at Suntec City offered the same set of clubs at a better discount and with a far better shopping experience! I’d choose that place to shop for golf anytime. ^^ Oh, Far East Shopping Centre has got a congregate of shops on level 2, wholly dedicated to golf apparatus and accessories only. Best place to get an overview of the golf market and compare between prices and brands.

I’m kinda warming up to the game. There’s a thrill when you hit the sweet spot and send the ball soaring through the skies. The pros on TV seem to think nothing of it, but it really isn’t easy!


Aww, the EU is on shaky ground… I wonder if war will break out should it crumble. Are we even out of the 2008 crisis yet? I liken this to someone with a serious bacterial infection who was undertreated with antibiotics. It was never really cured so there were always these underlying symptoms, rumbling and growling away until the infection relapsed. Alas! Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all men in the end!


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