celebration at Morton’s

It’s our 2nd wedding anniversary! Hubs decided to bring me to celebrate at Morton’s of Chicago, the best steakhouse in the world.

It goes without saying that Hubs, being there, was the only important thing I needed… and the dinner was one of the most romantic ones we’ve had.

The service was astoundingly personalized from the word go. To start with, they asked us whether we were there to celebrate a special occasion. We told them so– to commemorate 2 years after getting hitched. After settling us in, we were first offered a gargantuan loaf of olive baked bread, on the house!

Smelt great, tasted even better. But we took Ben’s advice not to finish the entire loaf, lest we have no more stomach space for the upcoming main courses. The loaf was really big.

The half eaten loaf renegaded to the corner of the table… 😛

They introduced their menu by pushing a cart of meat and vegetables to your table, including a live lobster. I suspect this one was trying to get out of its plate…

Lobster bisque!

We were at a steakhouse, so of course we’d order beef! Both of us only wanted the leanest part of beef possible (weight-conscious as we are) and so we both ordered fillet mignon, in bernaise sauce, with sautéed mushrooms and grilled jumbo asparagus as our sides.

Needless to say, the best steak I’ve ever tried in my life! It’s the first time I didn’t need to chew until my jaws ached– the meat was so fine and tender! I even felt that the beef at Aston’s Prime or Black Angus tended to be on the tough side, but not Morton’s. The fillet mignon was slightly powdery in texture though, perhaps because it was so “aged”? Nonetheless, it was great steak! Loved the mushrooms too– they are a must-have. Mmm!

All of it, beef and mushrooms alike, went very well with the Columbia Merlot. Its alcoholic content was slightly higher than expected, but it’s very smooth and easy to swallow. (One of these days, I must go for wine-tasting classes to fully appreciate the goodness of these fine wines.)

Our very good waiter offered us a platter of desserts to choose from at the end of our meal. (Yup, he actually brought them all out on a platter for us to pick and choose.) Hubs decided on the NY  grilled cheesecake, flown in all the way from the U.S.A. and so I went along with his choice, although I was quite stuffed by then.

They were so nice… they added a candle to the cheesecake to help us celebrate our anniversary.

And so sadly ends our happy meal.

To our pleasant surprise, they gifted us with a photo of us taken with the candle-lit cake, filled with well wishes signed by the staff in the restaurant. Furthermore, they waived off the cheesecake from the bill. Didn’t expect such sweet gestures from them and it made our visit such a memorable one.

Thanks, Morton’s! Hubs made a great choice. 🙂 I’ll surely recommend this place to those who’d like to celebrate their special occasions with loved ones!

Ohayou gozaimasu!! 😉


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